CGboost - animation course feedback regarding the look

I am doing the blender course from Cgboost.

In the course Zach uses volumetrics, but somehow my personal impression is that my animation should portray clearly the details on the idea. The volumetric effect works nice, but at the same time washes out the render…

With volumetric

No volumetrics

I have seen in some tutorials something called zdepth maybe that allows me to have the dusty environment in the background an a crispy air close to the camera…kind of a mix of both…might work.

I will also use dim down the hdr only for the camera view…and let the hdri stronger for the lighting. By doing this I will keep the stronger light (I prefer that than the dawn look on the course), but at the same time I will loose the details of the hdr mountains which I believe looks better when they are no as noticeable like with the hdri to the intensity I am using.

Since I changed the hdr and I have a visible sun on my background the bloom …makes a big white spot which I would like to avoid. Is it possible to ignore the background when it comes to eevee bloom parameters?

Another doubt is about the lights of the toyota and the engines (fire propellers). I believe by having the same intensity it distracts a little bit the eye. Maybe I should dim down the main head lamps and leave the engines as they are in order to have some kind of different hierarchies in the composition.

I would like to hear your opinions.
Thank you

I think I agree with everything you’ve said. I actually live in a similar environment. Sometimes there’s a lot of haze near the mountains but none anywhere else.