CgChallenge - Secret Agent

Hey guys!

Me and a collegue from school ( ) have entered the CgChallenge ‘Secret Agent’. We’re doing a short movie called ‘Mission 4’

It’s been a while I posted anything here because I’ve been using softimage| XSI at school in the past few months to broaden my knowledge of software. Although ‘Mission 4’ is mostly done in XSI, some small modelling bits and effect are done through blender…but yeah, they are quite minimal. Since this forum feels like home, I thought I could post this work in progress here aswell so you guys can follow what we’re doing.
Click on the image or HERE to see our thread over at

If you guys don’t like to fact that this is done in another software than Blender, than I am sorry to bother you with my stuff, just ignore this thread and let it die :slight_smile:

but we are certainly willing to hear your c&c !
Thanks !

Getting other software to play well with Blender can be more important than using Blender for absolutely everything every time. Good to see you posting again! :slight_smile:

Checked out the CGTalk thread - your usual level of inspirational machine work. Well done sir.

I checked out too your CGTalk thread. Impressed by the clouds and the plane scene :slight_smile:

Keep it up!

Update time!
Check the last post for an update of our first character anim shots!