CGChallenges: Material, Texturing and Lighting.

Hi all,

I have started doing the old cg material, texturing and lighting challenges found here from the CGTalk forum. It’s really good practise. You can download the obj and just do some uv mapping, materials, texturing and lighting.

This is my attempt at the first one: Fruit bowl.

Pipeline: Uv check and modify in blender, export obj to zbrush, use poly paint and MRGBZ grabber from reference photos, alpha brushes etc… to paint textures, export back to blender, render with 4 area lights with ray shadow on 10 samples each, ao on 20, aa on 8. The grapes, apple and orange use SSS.

I’ll post the other challenges as I complete them…



Well so far you’ve done a superb job. I take it you’re not after crits?

Krayon: Thanks :), feel free to crit I always apprecite some helpful info! The background cloth is lame so I’m going to update that…

an update, thanks to spinpatrol and guys at cgtalk for crit :slight_smile:

feel free to crit, in fact please crit, it makes my work better :wink: