CGCookie Rig Test

Hello Guys!!

Some months I tried using blender as animation tools and got too excited with the possibilities!
I used CGcookie rig to try it and would like to share with you:

Michel Denis da Silva :cool:

Thatโ€™s really good! Keep it going.

Thanks guy!

Yeah, the Javelin and Juggling animations were very impressive.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Very awesome! I recommend using the last Clive that you used. Clive from the parkour course is the most finished version in my opinion.

Good luck with your future animations!

What are the books you read for this?

I used to read Animator Survival Kit to take the theorical part how animating. I also saw on vimeo some Ianimate assignments called snippets done for theirs students and I used it as reference.
I have a friend at Lucas Film that said one day that there is no book, classes or whatever better than sit in front your computer and start doing things.

Michel Denis da Silva