CGI - Casa La Breche (ArchViz animation)


This animation project was created using Blender 3.0 and rendered with Cycles X, which allow me to render 900 frames (24 fps) on my own computer in about 30 hours. The challenge here was to push the limits on me to develop a full scene without using render farms and see what Cycles X was capable of.

This is a real project that you can find on the archdaily website.

Also, I expend a lot of time in this project to make a complete step-by-step tutorial showing the process to create and render this type of project.

You can see the high-quality renderings and links for all the addons that I’ve used to create this project on my Behance portfolio:

Soon I’ll release the full breakdown of the scene and the access to the step-by-step tutorial of this scene so if you want to learn the process to do this kind of project. I’ll post about that on my youtube channel soon.

Still renderings:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Well done. 30h is a lot of time.

I watched some of your videos on youtube and learned a few things. Great content :ok_hand: