CGI dynamic camera

First of all, I’m still using old blender render, instead of cycles. I should probably make that clear before I continue.

I’m going to film a video of an actor, running throughout a hallway, taking a few turns, and throughout the thing, there is a dragon following him, breaking some walls with its running and stuff like that.

I have a pretty good idea of how to do this, with camera tracking and all. The one thing I’m not so sure about is how to track such a dynamic camera shoot. This video will consist of the actor running through a hallway and it will be different from most scenes tutorials show. For example, andrew price’s camera tracking one shows him slowly walking around one central point. How do I make a track for a shot that is very dynamic? is it possible??

yes very possible… you will have to have tracks which start and end at different times of the shot itself… I would highly recommend using the latest blender though, not an old version of blender… that way you can have all the tracking improvements that have happend since its first implementation into blender (2.61 i believe it came in, with cycles)

If you can, put tracking markers on the wall and make sure that you will always have room in the shot to have the camera track solve.

Thank you, I am using the latest version of blender, its just that I am reluctant to use Cycles. I am using a high definition camcorder, so i dont think ill have trouble finding track points. I was just worried that I would try to track such a complex video and have it not work out… thank you again for helping me out.

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Don’t try to achieve to much in a single shot. It’s unreasonable to expect that you’ll be able to easily solve a high motion long duration shot. Anyway it might be far more dynamic with cutaways of key action.

Try starting with gentle slow shots simulating the end result and work up to a more difficult version, when you understand what the pitfalls of shooting for tracking is.