CGI - Romance on the bathroom - Archviz on Blender 2.92

CGI - Romance on the bathroom
by Augusto Cezar
Blender + Cycles renderer + photoshop
In this scene, I tried to bring life to the idea of a romantic surprise, flower petals, and a cozy place where the imagination can go whatever it wants.

I made this render based on a silly idea that I heard from an artist called Ander Alencar, who developed a similar scene on 3dsmax+corona. So I did the scene on Blender and I tried to bring the idea of a romantic place, with a nice surprise for a lover.

Tip: The steam on the bathtub is just a plane hehe

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Great work!

A question : How did you do the water on the glass?


The last shot is really amazing

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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I used a texture from poliigon on the normal map to do that. It was simple as that :slight_smile:


Thanks bart!!
I aways get so happy when it happens <3
I really appreciate that!


thanks for your answer!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

awesome work, congrats!!!

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very nice work - but the light effect is too strong

it is too saturated and the ceiling shadows are too rich in contrast

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Beautiful render.
Do you mind share some tips on how to make the color looks good?
also, what’s you post process work flow?
i find my render looks dull(i tried different color management setting but got no luck)
di you make the final render pop in PS?

love your work and youtube content man! Cheers!

Do you do lots of post process work with cryptomatte and photoshop layers and what not? The lighting and glow look gorgeous.