CGI vs unreasonable demands from facebook

I saw that fb now demands that new supplicants give over a cell phone number AND a photo of themselves. Given FB’s reputation for treating data it gets like a commodity to be sold ASAP, many people may not want to post pix of themselves to fb for them to share with any and everyone. I mean, say something some corporate overlord might not like and suddenly you find yourself mysteriously fired because he accessed your pic on fb and found you work as one of his wage slaves.

Or maybe you find yourself being pulled over a lot after criticizing police excesses and abuses on FB and some cops looked up your account photo and said “Hey I know that guy!”

So to combat this I wonder if blender and other cgi systems could make photorealistic faces people could post to get a FB account while avoiding l’il lord Zuck’s demand for a picture of themselves.

Can a good cgi face trick whatever face recognition software fb uses? If so maybe people could use faces mkade by CGI to maintain their privacy when fb demands they hand over a pic of themselves they don;t want to have shared with corporate overlords, law enforcement, etc.

I’m not sue if a cgi face can fool some FRS, so if anyone does let me know.

The solution is quite simple, do not use it. I never had one, and I doubt that I am missing out anything important.

Until then check this out


Um, no. FB has made itself a big deal and not having anh account can make it hard to keep in touch with friends and family, and join in on groups that you mighyt need to be able to interact with. Since Fb has become so wrapped up in american culture i’m going ti join it but I’m not giving it my face.

Corporate overlords in america have grown accustomed to the peasants jumping at their every finger snap. I’m saying no.

What happens if you just use some random cc0 image?

You could use a Mastodon instance (I do), but it has yet to grasp the audience Facebook has. Most of my friends aren’t using it - although there’s no valid reason, just the inertia of change.
I’d say yeah, fool them by using some render of a CC0 head scan, I’m pretty sure it’ll work.

People made it that way, then they complaint about it. FB would not have existed if people were not flocking to it by millions every day.

You do not need it really if you do not want to join FB. It is all in your head. If people really care about you they can find other ways to contact you.


You’re goddamn right, we exist without these things. They’re great tools for communication and banding together, but they’re held by private interests and you can’t really rely on them. Back when yellow jackets were the thing over here, several activist fb pages were made invisible - they weren’t shut down, their posts just weren’t relayed anymore for a couple weeks, during a strategic time.
This is why decentralisation is paramount : we can’t have all our eggs in the same basket, especially when that basket is property of Big Egg.

Sure, like they say where there is a will there is a way. The reality is that people are not much interested in going out of their comfort zones and try decentrilized commnucation plattforms. There are tons of free and open communication platforms out there that one can host, including chat, voice, audio even social media platforms.

You’re right, why did I not bother giving a few ? is the main Mastodon instance - I’m not on this one but it’s the “main” one and as reliable as any other. It’s funded by patreon donations and is not driven by some obscure corporate agenda ! :slight_smile:
Then there’s Peertube -here’s the instance I use personally :
Then there’s Jitsi, a video call framework. Back in the early days of confinement, we would do group calls on this particular instance : …free of charge !

Most smart phones and smart tvs today have FB baked into them. Many if not most businesses have a FB presence. FB has become so successful it’s hard to avoid it. When something reaches a point where it’s so widespread avoiding it can plkace one at a disadvantage it’s time it got some regulation, and I hope some countries and maybe even some states pass laws against fb demanding facial pictures given it’s horrible record of respecting personal data.

If a company doesn’t like regulations, don;t create something so successful it’s use nearly becomes mandatory. I find it hard to sympathize with poor, oppressed mark zuckerberg is his gigabuck company gets a few regulations slapped on it, no one forced him to create it and make all that money. He can go cry his huge, soulless glassy eyes out if he doesn’t like some limits on his company’s policies.

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You have a point though. Let’s be realistic, a business or any professional advertising their services has everything to gain from having a facebook page. Personal websites are almost entirely a thing of the past now, which is not cool.
I guess replacing that de facto, easy & centralized solution won’t happen suddenly, but with some coordination from every one of us, it will happen. The fediverse is a great concept : it has all the upsides of a “unique” system without the downsides. I can see it growing.