CGsociety contest

I’m working on this for the CGsociety contest. Needed some input on the overall design and layout.

Link to piece.

I can not post the work here. But I can link the page. Please any feed back is welcome.

Nice concept!

In terms of critique, the first thing that jumps out is the slogan - it’s too squished up to read easily. Try “Power of tomorrow in the Palm of your Hand” - it only gets rid of 9 characters (including the !), but it should make enough of a difference without compromising the message. Or “Tomorrow’s Power in your Palm”.

Also (kind of related to the above point), I feel the feature descriptions are a bit wordy. Instead of “Charging has never been so easy. Just Drop & Charge”, maybe try “Just Drop & Charge”, or even “wireless recharge”.

Oh, and after looking at it a bit longer, the data card appears as though it would interfere with the opening/closing of the device. It’s in a position where, when it’s closed there’s nowhere for it to go (the lower face of the screen would be in the way), and when open the terminals would be in empty space (to facilitate the opening/closing of the device).

Hmm great ideas… The screen has a slot in side for the datacard to fit. The wording is going to be changed cause I have been working on this thing for a while so I got lazy with that part.