Decided to make a model Sewing machine Chaika-142M, then add sanou scene, with all sorts of sewing personal belongings, tell me what is wrong with the machine and what to add.

looks great, man. how about adding some fabric using the cloth simulator.

Nice! Loving the texturing. Little scratches and wear gives it a nice character.


great job on all of it. could easily be mistaken for a photo.



Now it is finally great! My mother has also sewing machine, very old, and built in into the table. Maybe the corner of the table looks a bit unnatural, but otherwise great job!

I changed table corner and sculpt of left piece of cloth.

However, what do you think about this post processing?

Looks great! I like the colored version a lot better.

This turned out wonderful. And I agree: the colored version is better!

Really nice scene, but I have one crit. Everything looks old, except for the table. An older table would be better, imo.

Thank’s for replies. Adding new image (changed table and added some things xD)