I would like to create a long and twisted chain(over 200 links) without needing to place each of them manually.

while searching I found this page about dupliframes talking about exactly what I need, but alas the version it talks about is 2.31 and I was unable to get it to work in 2.44

You could do it with an array modifier like this:

1, make one link of the chain
2. give the object an array modifier
3. create an empty
4. in the array modifier activate Object offset and then enter the name of the empty as the object
5. add a curve
6. change the array modifier from ‘Fixed Count’ to ‘Fit To Curve Length’ and enter the name of the curve below
7. add a curve modifier
8. enter the name of the curve to ‘Ob:’
9. change the X/Y/Z buttons to make the chain follow your curve
10. now the chain should follow the curve and new links should be added automatically when you make the curve longer.