Chair and Door

Have you ever done interior design? So I do not, but nevertheless, something I did :smiley:

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Imo doors doesnโ€™t look realistic :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi there i have 2 questions: 1 whats that nekst too door handel the opening for mail or just design.
2 did you use under color management sRGB or Filmic for your render , Filmic way better for interior.
Btw i like your scene, the colors , chiar, bottel, cloth and the way the light comes inside:yes:.
Just in the cloth there is a littel clipping going on to bright so you dont see some parts of cloth, you
will not have this with Filmic;).

hi, here I use Film color management bc I just like it aand yes, itโ€™s just a design ;D thanx a lot!