Chair... How does this look?

Let me know what you think about this.

Great. If you’re going for a half-cartoon-half-realistic, then you’ve hit your goal…There’s something that just doesn’t seem right to make it realistic though…

next try camera positioning…if the chair is your main object, make your cam focus on it instead of empty space (although in some cases this isn’t the best option)

Okay thanks!

Here is another angle:

Actually How does this look?

Hey! I made those same chairs a few months back. I also made the taller barstool version:

It’s always fun seeing other people model the same object.

NICE!! Looks great!

bshep, looks good, but there is some weird twisting on the legs.

Thank you! Oh yes I think I know what you mean. Are you talking about the stretched looking texture on the legs?

yes, I wasn’t sure if that was the texture or not. sometimes, if you are using curves, they can get wonky, and look that way. I’m thinking now it was probably on purpose. anyway, looks good enough, either way.

Okay thanks!

Some carriage bolt heads in the seat–to hold the legs in place–would make it look more realistic. Typically there is a hole or two in the back rest as well.

No carriage bolts on that model of chair

Thanks guys.