Chair-render testing

I did a quick model of a cool looking chair to test the rendering and i have some questions.

  1. it is taking excesivly long to render this simple object, even on low quality in yafray (which is the render i have so far) Ive been waiting for almost a half hour for the high quality render and its still barely started

  2. why when i try to use photons and lights does the render come out looking so weird?? i want the lights for some hard shadow and spot lighting, but the combo creates a very odd pattern in the background

  3. where can i find good high quality, wood textures for free?

  4. it seems to have a lot of extra like dots on the render even on high quality sometimes. that bg is suposed to be plain white, not white with black dots. I know its on low but there still somewhat there on best.

With a raytracer like Yafray, long render times are just something you’ll have to get used too. That’s the price you pay for quality.

I’m not very experienced with Yafray, but I think photons are only needed if you’re doing caustics.

And the dots are just something that happens on low quality. If you want less noise, you’ll just have to bump up the quality.

The chair looks nice, by the way. :slight_smile:

well it does look a lot better with high quality. but theres still a bit of blurriness i wish i could eliminate.

over 2 hours (2-2.5) for this model.

here are the specs:
60,000 verts + faces (includes what it is rendering with sub surf)
yafray auto-aa
method - full
quality - best
depth - 4
no photons

just wondering?

Definitely use a higher res texture at least for the back rest.