Chair renderings

These are some renderings done for my rendering class, we are working on using nodes to create materials. what does everyone think?

I think pic 3 and 4 are very good, with nr 3 beeing excellent :slight_smile:

The first chair has a pretty high reflection value, too high in my opinion. Also, the material has some wooden attributes and also some of perspex. It ends up in feeling unnatural.

The second chair has a material that I would’t recognize… It looks a bit like a soft cushion but has pointy edges and the thickness of some really hard material.

As I look close at nr 3 I guess you used the same material for the wood as in nr 1; it’s too reflective here, too. But everything else in nr 3 looks very realistic and believable.

Nr. 4 has very nice materials. The only little flaw would be the that the cushion seems to float in its stand. Seems technically impossible; if you sit on it it will not support ones weight.

Good work all together, keep it up! :slight_smile: