I tested saving on GPU memory for this scene by Linking all the foliage from another scene.


looks amazing realistic !

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Thanks man :smiley:

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Great pictures with a nice evening mood. Its usually difficult to balance interior light in that mood with the sunlight, but that looks fine.
But how does linking the environment saves memory, in the end it needs the memory to render it, if its linked or not. Or do i misunderstand something ?

Hey Eric, thanks for the comment…I’m not sure how it works exactly but it definitely saves on GPU memory. If this was all in the one scene it would crash my lowly 6gig GPU laptop for sure…I guess it’s some kind of sorcery :smiley:

Indeed, sorcery seems the only logical explanation for that phenomen. :smiley:


Hey Erik…I just checked out your website…are they your renders and are they all rendered with Cycles?

Hi, thanks for your interest. These are indeed all my renderings. Project 1,2,3,5,7 and 8 are rendered with Cycles. Before i used Vray for Modo, which doesn’t exist anymore, thats why i made the move to Blender.

They’re great, especially the Cycles interiors…however I’m trying to move away from Cycles as I want to build a portfolio to get into the industry and the best images are rarely rendered with Cycles, lacks that extra Realism especially in Interiors IMO.
What did you think of Vray and would you go back if say it was available for Blender?
Btw I hope your not too busy at the moment :smiley:

I wouldn’t go back to Vray, for one reason, the internet licensing. I didn’t liked that i needed an internet connection for working with the software, every time i just start a test rendering.
And i think Cycles render quality is very good and comparable to Vray, others in this forum have shown that for me, for example that great pictures : The Broad House :grin:). The only thing i would like to test someday is Octane, but at the moment i am satisfied with Cycles. Hth.

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Haha yea I might put those images through Photoshop… (they were done when I was using Gimp), see how far they can be improved.

I’m using Octane at the moment, it also requires Internet to render, at least the free version does.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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