CHALK STYLE PRO and FREE: addons for rendering wireframes and AO


UPDATE: Just announced CHALK STYLE PRO: true one button AO wireframe rendering.

It’s between 10 and 100 times faster than Blenders freestyle renders. And even better you only need to press a single button to see your render in seconds.

And, the coolest part is you can adjust line weights for both wireframe and outlines as well as control the relative darkness of the ambient occlusion pass. And this is AFTER the render has completed!

And new to CHALK STYLE PRO is the ability to relight your render AFTER you’ve created it! Yes, you heard that right– you can actually adjust the lighting in your render after it’s completed!

Twelve bucks at:


Blender Market:

More about it:


I recently created a free addon to create a wireframe render using 3 passes: AO, wireframe, and outline. I then have a compositing setup with a custom node group where you can tweak them compositing-- though the default settings is pretty good. The exceptionally cool part is it renders ridiculously fast-- as it only uses OpenGL and not EEVEE, Cycles or Freestyle.

You can combine with my addon SKETCH STYLE to create even better renders:

Here’s a video describing it:

It available at:


and Blender Market


You can use a custom underlay instead of the ao rendered one to create a different look. Here are the node settings to get you started:

Really nice Chip! Thanks for making it a freebie! Too bad I’m to busy with client work to play with so many cool goodies lately… this, Scatter, etc, etc… But I’m sure I’ll love it when I can check it out.

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Looks good, I wonder if the rendering of the wireframe it’s toggeable?

Yes. You can adjust the opacity of all the channels.

Just announced CHALK STYLE PRO with a whole slew of new features. Check the top of this thread.

CHALK STYLE PRO now updated to support 2.83 and 2.9

Hi Chipp, does this addon have optix support? I have sketchstyle which gives me a message of no optix support and I must use cpu . It still works pretty well on cpu , but just wondering if it does.

Yeah, optix only work with some features. It should work fine with cuda support.

Just a quick question with the pro version do i still need to open a separate instance of blender to compose the renders? and yes I did see the video above but just making sure

If you’re talking about thumbnails, then yes, you need to render them in Factory mode.

@chippwalters is the free version suppose to work with 2.9? I get a error message when pressing “Render CHALK STYLE”. The message dissapears faster then I can screen shot and I don’t know if and where logs are saved or how to get to them if it is saved. Also I don’t think it works as it should, but I’m not sure because it’s all new to me.

Managed with the screen shot this time. Also forgot I actually posted. Will the Pro version be without this problem? Also, I tried “Show extras” and rendering, freezes my computer beyond use.

You need to turn on AO in the EEVEE settings. See if that works. The pro version doesn’t have this issue.

Thank you! No more error messages and crashes. So far at least. But how do I get the normal Viewpoint Shading? It’s faster to get to Free Style, but I’m not getting any further then I did when trying Free Style directly. Still missing lines in the view. I’m thinking of buying your Pro version if it’s really more simple, more powerful and less annoying then the built in Free Style.

Sure try the Pro version. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll refund you.

Thank you. I have just bought it. Will try it soon. Are you still developing this plugin?

@chippwalters Better results then I have gotten with Free Style so far and faster and pretty smooth compared to the free Chalk Style. But I’m still not happy with what I’m getting. I have realized that I want full control of what shows up as a line or not. I want a inner outline or maybe the word is contour of shapes. But I don’t want every edge to be a line.

If you want, send me your scene and an image similar to what you’re looking for and I’ll see if I can get there with SKETCH STYLE.

Send it to you how?