Challenge #1 Voting (17 May 2002) - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

Competing Entries

Non-competing Entries

Well done everyone! With this kind of response, it looks like these contests have a future :smiley:

(edit to fix the links :()

(ectizen) #2

Oops! I forgot to mention that voting closes at around 2325 GMT on Wednesday.

(Hos) #3

Looks like most of the URL’s USED TO have an </td> in them.


(dmoc) #4

…links disappear on mouse-over (IE5.5) :-?

(acasto) #5

Very well organized ecitizen…good job

(S68) #6

Good job ectizen!

Can I suggest to add in the rule to prepare also a thumbnail MAX 120x120 or so (as I did) so that in the voting thread you can add comment links and thumbnails? Might be cool.


(Millhouse) #7

Dmoc all the links are still there its the highlight colour in the forum not vanishing hyperlinks

(ectizen) #8

S68: thumbnails are a good idea, but they can make life difficult since those using standard free web hosting can’t host their own thumbnail. I’ll keep this is mind for future contests, but for now I want to keep it simple while I sort out some of the other issues.

Note to self: listing the entries in [quote][/quote] tags is a dumb idea. Don’t do it again.

(acasto) #9

@ ecitizen: I can set up a folder on iptic for thumbnails, or someone with a free space there can. I’m working on a gallery template, so maybe you could stick the tumbnail in one equal gallery, so one wouldn’t stand out over another.

(CKnapp) #10

I must say that there are some pretty good entries for this contest. I won’t say which one I voted for, but I will say I was impressed with some more than others.

I would like to point out that I found it interesting that none of the entries used the most obvious (at least to me) choice for “contact”, that being alien contact. Huzzah and Kudos to you all for being original!

(DreamMaster) #11

tags is a dumb idea. Don’t do it again.

I’m hosting a paid webhosting and I have 400 MB memory. I’m more than willing to set up a ftp account for you and everyone so you could upload thumbnails (only if possible… if REALLY want to… you can also upload normal picture there so we don’t have to copy and paste). I’ll also set it up into maybe or something. What do you think? Please private message me… or email me or whatever. :slight_smile:

(rixtr66) #12

they are all very good.i love the plugged in cow though,very original!
all are good works in their own respects,good job guys!!


(ectizen) #13

Congratulations to imgrandpaboy! You are a winner! Officially! 55% :o

Thanks to all those who entered, and all who voted!

Thanks also for the hosting offers :slight_smile: Plenty of food for thought in there.