Challenge #106 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: The Impossible

Pure Entries

hexagon3d [list:223a74f17c]
A remake of a Magritte-picture.

I can’t believe it, it’s impossible, I got perfect on my english test!

Jay Eff
when pigs fly

in a BLOCKY world, a small dog produces something… impossible!
There’s also a tribute to a famous rock band in this picture, are you old enough to discover it?

This is the first thing that came to mind.

I couldn’t resist doing one of Eschers works.


Elephant soda pop. Not impossible, merely unlikely.

an Impossible drink

I call this “Frustration.” (so would you! :stuck_out_tongue: )

This Is Not A Bowler Hat

my entry is kind of inspired by a dream where the impossible is possible

It is called “Balance”.

Five Aces, A round floating dice and an undiceded Dice. All impossible!

Open Entries

BlackMage [list:223a74f17c]
I call it: “Fusion of Man and Light”

Non-Participating Entries

Robertt [list:223a74f17c]
“Impossible Odds, For Most”



  1. koudejongen, I love how it came out!
  2. Jazzroy. Very creative.
  3. Usagi, Beautiful!

Jazzroy, I love how that came out :smiley: VERY funny. You got my vote.

So many vote worthy entries here! :slight_smile:

Jazzroy, the answer I think is Dire Straits.

And here’s a quick little update of the “Money for Nothin’” lyrics for the Age of Blender…

“Renders for Nothin’”

Now look at them yo-yo’s
that’s the way we do it
We post the render on the cg site
That ain’t much work
that’s the way we do it
Renders for nothin’ and Blender for free

Now that ain’t much work
that’s the way we do it
Lemme tell ya us dudes ain’t dumb
Maybe make a blend of your little finger
Maybe make a blend of your thumb

We gotta install the yafray binary
New procedural textures yeah
We gotta move all the nonbelievers
You gotta try Ton’s new color maps!

See the little yafray with the HDRI
Yeah buddy that’s Beast we got there
That little yafray, photoreal jet plane
That little yafray is a plugin now yeah

We gotta try the latest Tuhopuu
Wicked custom programming
We gotta show all the nonbelievers
Ambient occlusion and radiosity

You shoulda learned to use the Blender
You shoulda learned to UV map
Look at those blenderheads,
they got it stickin’ in the camera
Well they are having some fun
And they’re up there, what’s that ? Monkey noises?
Bangin’ on the bongos like a Susan freak
That ain’t much work
that’s the way we do it
Make your renders for nothin’ and your Blender for free

We gotta install a couple of plugins
Crazy new python scripts to see
We gotta prove to all the nonbelievers
We gotta try the new particles

Now that ain’t much work
that’s the way we do it
We post the render on the cg site
That ain’t much work
now that’s the way we do it

Renders for nothin’ and your Blender for free
Renders for nothin’ and Blender for free
Renders for nothin’ and Blender for free

I want my
I want my
I want my Blender free

I want my
I want my
I want my Blender free…

:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

(original lyrics here)


LOL :D:D:D great one Robertt

I voted for koudejongen (coldboy), scene looks also great!

Sad that I didn’t make anything related to my topic, it looks now like Robertt won the previous :stuck_out_tongue: I was to much playing with the new features :smiley: they’re great :smiley:

Hexagon3D’s is also nice.
Oh, and BlackMage, original idea, good looking, I almost voted for you :wink: (But I’ve just one vote…)

Happy blending, BackiZ

Some nice entries here.

I like the two “Magrittes” by hexagon3d and shul because I’m a big fan of Magritte’s work.

But my favorite is the Escher-inspired image by koudejongen. Nice colors, great view and pleasant atmosphere. You’ve got my vote.

ok RobertT, when’s the music video coming out? :smiley:

jazzroys will get my vote. very funny, and a good render as well.

I’ve got to say hexagon3d’s piece of art has got to be the best image I’ve seen in this cattle. Depends how you look at the cattle I guess.

I love the font the lighting and the set; the window is great!

err also shouts to jazzroy… a great image, makes you happy, koude very nice, modron for the choice of modeling a good elephant head, shul for making my eyes seem like they work better (man that ‘non’-hat stands out)
timmo for making me nearly vote for you (you did mention dreams and possible) nice scene… and usagi for a calming beautiful piece…

blackmage for having a twisted head also ;/

The Impossible: Deciding which one to vote for :smiley: I’m going to have to go with jazzroy, though, for the bold, colorful style, which we don’t see too much in WC.

Excellent work everyone! :smiley:


RobertT that’s really nice!!! Thank you for putting correct lyrics on it, the song looks very suitable to a blend in the words :smiley:
I hope Mark Knopfler won’t disagree with us!

I must say I see a lot of excellent and photorealistc work this round, that’s very cool indeed.

I voted for Usagi, since I am a sucker for photo-realism.

I really liked the sand. I would really like to know how it was done.

To echo others, a lot of good entries. I will have to get into more of the WC’s so I can better my skills.

I voted koudejongen for his really nice 3D adaptation of Escher, but props to everyone else for the awesome entries this week. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, for Olimario: You wouldn’t happen to be the same Olimario as on the boards, would you?

timmo got my vote (what can I say, pink flamingos man!!), but many, many great works,

and thnx to the one who voted for me, whoever u r :slight_smile:

maybe its not original anymore but i voted also for koudejongen

@thegameboy maybe i dont know. normaly i put messages on
can you show me some of IGN olimario’s post? maybe i did do it, but don’t remember.

if it is someone else i dont like it. i made up this name by my self.

Thank you for your vote. I’m working on a description about the materials with screenshots of the material settings. I’ll post it in the corresponding finished thread here.

Unfortunately it was “impossible” for me to view lukep’s entry :frowning:
I’ll give it another try later and hold off on voting for now. I need some more time to make my desicion anyway. Usagi, koudejongen and timmo are my favorites. It might be “impossible” to pick only one. Great competition.

hey I’m up to two votes! I can still make it!

i still say that you can’t beat timmos!

Well, I ended up voting for timmo as well. Dreamy feel, great grass, soapy bubbles, pink flamingos, what more do you want. BTW am I the only one who bent a piece of wire into a square shape as a kid and tried to make bubbles with it (and actually expected this to work)? :smiley: