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(ectizen) #1

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This week’s theme is to go, where no man has gone before

Pure Entries
BgDM[list:83c14dc451]This ia a couple of exploration submarines going into a deep crevase in the bottom of the sea.
Well, got this done this morning, about 5 hours worth of work. This is all Blender, with some minor PhotoShop tweeks for some blur.

ZweisteinHe he, that was fast :wink:
Just one group was there, where never was someone before… Perhaps it was the last time, that somebody went there…

rixtr66PURE entry,modelled and rendered in blender,with a bit of post process with psp.
im hoping youll appreciate the humor and irony in this.

Emergency backup link (in case the above doesn’t work)

leinad13ukPure Basic Blender Objects and entities, cubes, planes and textures off the internet
(copy and paste)

ectizenExtra vehicular activity :slight_smile:
Parental Advisory: The following image contains poorly rendered digital representations of bodily fluids :o
Pure All new, all blender

bogbeanIt sure is dark in there…
Pure Used subsurfs for the elephant and 1/2 a man (I love subsurfs). The tree was generated by the L-system script. The ground and mountains are fractal subdived planes.

nerddogsPure. Just used Blender and the Blender texture cd. The sun was made with halo spots that track to the camera. So the sun shines where ever you move the camera. :slight_smile:
(copy and paste)

TurboGA place where no man has gone before, is a place where no man would fit.
This is a pure entry. The picture hanging on the wall was modeled in the past but rendered and put in in JPG format. I used a Texture for the wood found in a texture collection and modified it to create the door.

hannibarI just found out about this room at home. Maybe someone can tell me what this room is used for? I don’t have a clue…


Open Entries
theeth[list:83c14dc451]completely OPEN entry
to go, where no man has gone before


(theeth) #2

And in the Text Only category, the winner is… drums



(ectizen) #3


(Ecks) #4

I vote for the most funny this week: who is it…Thee…no…BOGBEAN!!!
How did you get this idea…you are so funny!! :wink: :smiley:

(tordat) #5

Like the astronaut, but it looks somehow unnatural.

Suppose, expected a wider spray on the moon. :-?

BTW, what about a toilet challange? Or was this the topic for this week? :wink:

(TurboG) #6

I wouldv’e voted for bogbean, except then I wouldnt get any votes :slight_smile: lol

(wants to vote for theeth for originality but its not modeled mostly in blender :frowning: )

(scrappy) #7

bogbean, i just have to see that image live on in the hall of fame!!!

(ectizen) #8

True. Actually, I’d’ve expect to see the astronaut curled on the ground, in as close to a fetal position as his shiny plastic spacesuit would allow, feebly clutching at the remains of what he’d just exposed to the cold hard vacuum of the lunar surface, surrounded by the rapidly dissapating cloud of boiling bodily fluids that had just been violently expelled. :o
But that would’ve beena) harder to make
b) harder to understand what’s going on
c) harder to justify in this week’s theme :slight_smile:

theeth: Don’t you think you’ve taken your concern about JPEG licensing issues just a little too far? :wink:

(basse) #9

hannibar, how did you get the camera lens like that?


(d52477001) #10

lol :stuck_out_tongue: good one Bogbean!!! You’ve got my vote…

(hannibar) #11

hannibar, how did you get the camera lens like that?

Thats a trick I learned from someone a while ago (don’t remember who).

  1. In the renderbuttons switch panorama on.
  2. Divide the number of sizeX by a number (max 64) (eg when your resolution is set to 640 * 480, insert 10 * 480)
  3. under the osabuttons, there is a button called XParts. Set it to that number (here : 64).

(theeth) #12

mwahahhahahaha. That was too funny!

(BgDM) #13

Well, congrats to bogbean! Looks like you got this one in the bag.

/me will never win one of these :frowning:


(theeth) #14


someone was crazy enough to vote for me (and no, I DIDN’T do it myself)! :o


(ectizen) #15

The winner, without any doubt at all is bogbean!

Good job, bogbean! And better luck next time to everyone else.