Challenge #111 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: MACRO

Pure Entries

Blenergetic [list:0b89c89ed5]
i decided to interperet “macro” as “extreme closeup”

Broken Lens

I know, it sux, but here is my entry, and i haven’t enough time to fix all the matters (there are a lot). But the essential is participating :wink:

Here it is. Pure blender except for the caption. Done a bit quickly so I didn’t have the time to tweak a few things… Well, we’ll see.

Jedi Dawn
It is a macro diamond

When I was young (9 or something), I was the boy with tiny marbles. Others had bigger marbles, and they counted for more points so that I had to score more marbles than the guys wit the bigger ones. I lost many times, with the result that I didn’t played much marblegames.

The ring of Doom

Macroroni and Cheese

I call it… Well I don’t know yet :slight_smile:

Sometimes Microsoft Word’s fancy custom macro system can be used to hold viruses… here comes a nasty, slimy Word macro now…

Morning Dew



I chose to go with the extreme closeup definition.

See how disgusting smoking is in “The Smoking Woman”
A Close up for WC111, theme Macro

Macro adj Greek for BIG so heres my entry. Its only a quickie (5mins). ohh and i dont know how he got there in the first place (:


Open Entries

shul [list:0b89c89ed5]
#define Meaning NULL


and one vote for blenergetic…awesome work dude!

keep it up!

another for blenergetic, even though i hate spiders… 8) :smiley:

Awesome models all around, but I think all these small things are MICRO, not MACRO. I’m rooting for PlantPerson.




i vote for Igorsandmans chrome mosquito. very nice render. lots of nice renders.

Darn it :frowning:
I forgat to push “OSA” when I finaly rendered :frowning:

edit : Are Yafray renders considered pure?

if so, my entry is pure. and I’ll keep on making pure entries with yafray :slight_smile:

here is an alternate link to Igors entry.

I had to ask a friend who I should vote for, I couldn’t decide between Blenergetic and IgorSandman, but IgorSandman took my vote.

My vote goes to blenergetic although it seems the fight is gonna be between us. I might regret that :wink: (just kidding you deserve it)
BTW, once in a life time, RobertT might not win a WC he’s participating :wink:
Good job everyone.

Voted for Blenergetic, it’s very .eh… very …eh. very real, yes real.
And Robertt if I may give your work a note, it would be a 1 :wink: (lol). Your rendertime must have been high, wasn’t it?

For people having problems viewing my picture:
please copy + paste and it is my fault (many excuses) that it takes so long to open.

i voted for blenergenetic. he has the nicest picture.

and now my sad story: yesterday i went to the local libary and i lend some national geographics. inthere i found a realy nice picture of a transerant plant with water droplets. so i wanteded to recreate it. but it was about 7 o clock and i couldnt finish it in time :frowning: . so you can see it soon in the finished projects.

and theeth: i thought this was a english forum…

Ahahahaha! I was wondering who would notice first :wink:


Voted for IgorSandman.
I’m hoping for at least one vote

Well, it was a tuff decision, I like both Igor’s and Blenergetics, but I think my favorite is Igor’s. I think the greyscale is awsome. Alot of nice Blenderings again this week! grats everyone.

I had to go for blendergetic because I love macro photography and this looks very photoreal. But IgorSandman was a very close second.

Well, as many have already said, one definition of macro is in terms of photography, in which it means a extreme close-up, usually of small things, such as insects, flowers and really anything. So, these entries of small things DO fit the definition of macro.

Strictly true but blender makes that too easy. :slight_smile: /me realises he has no ground to stand on here and invokes: BUT STILL!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Someone voted for me! Someone voted for me! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

By the way, blenergetic, I just increased your odds of winning by one point.

Who voted for me?

Nevermind, it was retroJ. Thanks retro!

That pic is hilarious.