Challenge #112 Entries (13/08/04) CLOSED

Theme #112 for 13 august 2004 is: Primitives

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 16 august 2004.


i have the beginnings of an inspiration.

placeholder :smiley:

Pure entry

“All hail the mighty primitive!”


Primitive objects used for modeling:- two circles, two cubes, one donut, one tube and a text object. (Obviously modified primitives.)


a cube

I’m still not all that happy with the end result but here’s my entry. In relation to the modern day, the Mayans were quite simple yet an extremely innovative civilization. I hope you like it!

Is it still considered a “pure” image even when using textures from a private texture library that weren’t produced with a program like GIMP etc…? If so, this image is “PURE”.

Good luck to the other competitors

Primitive Strike

It’s pure.

Lot’s of great entries this wc… good luck all

from original :

i don’t know if i can think out of the sphere!?

i guess my original statement held true! :o

Refractions of Sunset by Prince - Pure

“IF BROWSER SHRINKS IT MAKE LARGER” (besure to include that Theeth - please!?)

Primitives is like in “old, ancient, underdeveloped… etc”?
Or “cube,sphere,plane… etc”?


Pure entry.


Full image:


You use primitives when you’re calculating the amount of space under a graphline.
Or do they have an other word for it in England.

By the way, you’re early today theeth, not that it matters, I like it.

I’m in. Assuming I have time that is.

Hmm, maybe my anthro degree will actually be worth something finally. Placeholder!

Sounds like a fun topic, Placeholder for me, and I promise I won’t screw up through overcomplication like the last WC. :wink:

Not sure if i’ll be able to think of something posible placeholder

I’ve got a simple idea. Count me in too.

Here goes nothin’…

This is the Newton’s Cradle; an appartus used to demonstrate Conservation of Momentum & Energy. The model is comprised entirely of Blender Primitives: spheres and cylinders (the only operations used for the primitives were rotate, scale and translate).

The entry is Pure; modelled, textured and rendered with Blender. The textures are all procedural. The environment map used for the spheres were generated using an empty placed right below the center sphere.

Full sized render (1024x768) and thumbnail (640x480) available at following web page:


I have a simple but pretty cool idea.

One quick question, can I scan in and use hand drawn images as textures?

I realize it’s not “Pure Blender” that way, but it’s necessary for this project.

If it’s not Pure, I’ll settle for an open entry :slight_smile:


I didn’t end up using any hand drawn sketches %^#@ scanner…only post processing was to crop the image and add the title.

Full size

Good luck everyone, busy weekend ahead(B-day :)) so I probably won’t get another chance to polish it any further.

I’m not sure if I’ll have time to finish so possible place holder for me, but also where can I post my pictures on the internet for free?

I’ve got , but members have to copy and paste the link, because clicking the link doesn’t work. In that case you could better put your picture in a htm-file. Thumbs and picture don’t work too.