Challenge #112 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Primitives

Pure Entries

broken [list:a32634e55a]
Phew, just in time!

“All hail the mighty primitive!”

Fonix Wircs
Primitive Child’s Play, The art of fitting a square peg in a round hole.

Under the microscope

a bygone era…

The primitive airplane

I considered primitive as archaic and designed a primitive video game that would be called “Battle for Tanis”. Tanis was the capital of ancient Egypt during the 21st and 22nd dynasties (around 1800 BC).

Okay, I got my entry, all you need to know about the image is in the caption

·•Primitive Survival•·

This is done after a painting by Mattise, very primitive in theme, like a lot of early 20th century art.

Here you can find my entry for primitives, day end for the 4 mining brothers:

a cube

the Blevolution

All of us here must have inherited some genes from the primitive peoples who did these drawings…

Here’s my entry. I suppose it’s a Pure entry (I reused the pots of the background, and the body settings of the MakeHuman character is totally new… Working more on them in hope to see them in the templates I’m designing for the MakeHuman projects).

Refractions of Sunset

A primitive concept

Pure entry.

Primitive in several senses…

Pure Blender

Primitive Strike

I’m still not all that happy with the end result but here’s my entry. In relation to the modern day, the Mayans were quite simple yet an extremely innovative civilization. I hope you like it!

Primitive objects used for modeling:- two circles, two cubes, one donut, one tube and a text object. (Obviously modified primitives.)

Wonderful Life

My Entry’s title, Caustic Primitive Behavior, depicts 2 meanings of topic:

  1. How costic reflections behave with primatives.
  2. Cutting or Damaging unsofisticated behavior.

Infinite Stairway

“Jason should have chosen a different primitive.”

This is the Newton’s Cradle; an appartus used to demonstrate Conservation of Momentum & Energy. The model is comprised entirely of Blender Primitives: spheres and cylinders (the only operations used for the primitives were rotate, scale and translate).

Open Entries

crow [list:a32634e55a]
Pure, image is from Siggraph put onto a plane the other is a vertex painted logo (except text bubble and resize of the 1.5mb file!!!)


alot of good entrys.

might not have been the best, but had some good humor.

/me votes for modron.

Hard discision for me, lots of good entries, but I really liked the dance. It seems better than the original Matisse painting in capturing movement and motion, in being alive. If blender had existed in Matisse’s time he would be using it.

lots of good stuff. i went with brokens. and thanks skeletor, i knew someone would appreciate my cube!

Very hard decision .I love the toon style of brokens entry.
But I went with Robertt’s entry…Nice work Everyone! :smiley:

broken’s entry reminds me of something… And looks pretty funky, too.

Very nice work everyone. I mean, why did I even bother? You’re all so great :stuck_out_tongue:

Broken or Olivs…
Olivs or Broken…
Olivs it is :slight_smile: great idea.

Thank you planetshein! I was wondering almost the same:
Broken or laniru…
laniru or Broken…
laniru it is :slight_smile: great idea.

Even if the concept is Matisse’s, I found this one was really well executed.

I wish I could give more votes! broken’s entry is excellent, SoloCreator’s has a lot of primal mood, Robertt’s concept is inventive, RageTheSage’s entry is well carried out, etc., etc. Of course, I felt I haven’t the right to vote for myself so I finally went for laniru’s entry :wink:

Anyway, I’m happy for having entered the Weekend Challenge. I hope to be there more often! There are so many gentleblenderheads (is it a word? well, a new one, I guess!) around here :slight_smile:

I voted for TGinn. I like the style of that picture. So surreal.
It was a good WC with a lot of good entries.
Good job everyone.

I’m very surprised 1) at broken getting so many votes despite having some tough competition and 2) that some of these were actually allowed to enter. I went with SoloCreator, a really artistic pic that stil fit within the theme.

BTW, will the new Elysiun incorporate a new voting system?

Well, I found this one tough to vote for.
Quick summary - my favourites were: broken, laniru, Nathan, RageTheSage, Robertt, TGinn.

Wow - that’s half the bloody forum. :smiley:

All these had what I thought to be the best combination of concept and implementation.

I’m going to give my vote to broken however.
I laughed as soon as I saw it and still smile everytime I see it.

Great comp guys.


I love the results of this weeks challenge, this is a tough one to vote on. So many worthy entries, each with a unique take on the theme.

In fact, I’m going to finish my coffee before deciding :wink:

Great job everyone


After a great deal of deliberating(and another coffee) I’ve come to a decision, laniru gets my vote this week. I simply love the feel of the image.

Oh, thanks for the votes, whoever’s voted for my image so far, and well done to everyone involved. :slight_smile: Seems that there are a lot of entries this time, and many of them have great concepts behind them, too (IMO, in particular ragethesage’s and laniru’s)


i was very happy with my entry, but alas, the harsh voting of the wc has left me with 0. i still dont know who i will vote for.

Many entrys, hard to choose. I just went with Robertt’s entry because he made good use of simple cubes and spheres.

Maybe Broken’s just getting a lot of votes because he’s one of blender’s chief coders :stuck_out_tongue: But I have to admit his picture is pretty humourous. His late entry to surprise everyone could’ve also had an effect.

concept was cool, but I found it too much 2D to my taste (perhaps because of the jpeg compression?)

BTW, wijt entry is puzzling me: doesn’t he mean Sizyphe instead of Jason?

I made a quick search (and another one to find one in english instead of french):

concept was cool, but I found it too much 2D to my taste (perhaps because of the jpeg compression?)


There’s still a lot of voting to be done so the tables could turn, the last WC had 90 voters.

go solocreator that image is beautiful!

i guess i should have submitted mine later cause everyone raved it was good then only one vote! oh well so much for my best attempt! %|

kansas_15, there are a lot of votes, and im sure they will go to other people. it doesnt really matter much. i only had a couple of free hours this weekend for it anyhoo.

i think the theme primitives might have been too broad as far as definitions.