Challenge #120 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: When the past meets the future

Pure Entries

fudje [list:50807139a8]
The Sands of Time

here it is.

this went through a few permutations before becomng the iclub.

bridge from the past to the future.


The history of legerdomain meets it’s technological future in Deskin Tolooth’s magic shop…

Blender: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Some may not recognize the bottom symbol, it was the

blender logo of times past.

Here’s my entry.

It is a ninja on the ancient great wall of china running into a time portal to return to the future.

here is my entry. I ran out of time so the textures arent quite what I wanted, but their close

Open Entries

Hoagies [list:50807139a8]
It’s an open entry because i made the McLaren last week but the rest i made this weekend and it’s

pure blender


Many good entries; I ended up voting for Jack000.


The entries looked quite average at most, but I had to with plant person and what he did with blender logos.

Voted for Jack000. I’d love an 1152x864 render of that for my desktop… wink wink nudge nudge


I voted for penitentman. It looked really cool, especially the soldering iron.

Voted for the best looking, best lighting and not being made of several seperate looking objects pasted in one scene. :expressionless:

I had to go With Jack000 the idea/color/textures were really good. The best by far imho.

The entries looked quite average at most but I had to with plant person and what he did with blender logos.

I disagree. Some of the big names didnt participate so the decision wasn’t quite as hard this week, but there were still some really good entries. Jack000 is just 1 example. Blanket statements like that tend to irritate me, and that one did.

I agree. I felt the same after reading his remark last week about IgorSandmand vs RobertT and @ndy. And that wasn’t the first time one of his remarks hirked me…


Right on. I don’t remember the WC ever being an easy choice, even when people like robertt and @ndy participate, and this one is no exception. I ended up voting for penintentman, though Mifune and Jack000 had nice compositions with great lighting. The rest were good, too, which isn’t unusual for a WC.

Thanks to whoever voted for me. :smiley: I can’t believe I actually got two votes! A new personal record! w00t! :stuck_out_tongue:


yay! It looks like without robertt and the rest of the superstars around, I might actually have a chance this time.

I voted for Raseri. Love that commercial

my free host is down again, so here’s the image at mudpuddle:

I’ll post a wall paper version as soon as my host gets back up :smiley: , but the real question is: do you really want to look at a nasty insect on your desktop?

edit: host’s back up. Here’s the link:
:x oops, realized it’s the wrong res. You can scale it, right?

heh heh… excellent! Thanks!

thank you for the three votes. its better than the last time (when i had zero votes)

voted for jack000. i liked that picture the most.

Nasty insect frozen in block on desktop: priceless.
Yeah I voted for Jack000 too.

Wow, my first ever vote… and only my second completed entry (I think). Awefome. :smiley:

Winner: Jack00 with 35% of the votes



i hope you picked a nice one jack000 .

woot! I came in third, and with an entry that I thought was kind of stupid!!! dances