Challenge #126 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Living objects

Pure Entries

Adilim [list:32d4efb810]

Futuristic AIBO eat their own.

Done :stuck_out_tongue:

Is plane live?

Here’s my entry

“Why, oh god why?”

I was a bit in a hurry, so it can use some improvement, but I don’t have any time left.
Nevertheless, I hope you like it.

“Still Life”

Stump Face

The lamp plant

After many long hours of work the blender finally came to life :slight_smile:

Dancing tube

Every thing is alive. Story is this live.

Living Room



Please note that due to the fact that mudpuddle is down for the rest of the month, some entries have broken links. If their author have new links or would like me to host the image, send me a pm and I’ll update the voting post as soon as I can.

Just had to vote for Lived. Awesome.

I voted for Modron simply because it’s nice and organic, And I thought I said in the topic I had to pull out because Mudpuddle went down. But my entry is still there.

I am also voting for Lived. It was really gross.

I offered hosting for the contestants of mudpuddle, but I think that at this time I will probably be going to bed soon, so I won’t be checking my email.
It would probably be good to use or some such service now.
Good luck.

Hey Kansas_15, why don’t you email me your image and I’ll host it on my site for the duration of the contest. Anyway thanks for the votes Modron and Jeeves. I couldn’t resist doing this image when I thought of it.(housework for inspiration, lol) I haven’t voted yet, can’t decide, but I will soon.

Oh yeah, email… Umm. I’ll edit my profile to include it.

:frowning: :expressionless: I thought I could make an entry for this contest, because it said the entries closed on “24 november 2004” … but I didn’t saw it was monday… and monday was a “22 november”… (and as I’m not often at home on weekend, I discovered the contest yesterday… oh well… don’t mind :wink: )

I think I’ll wait a few hours to vote, because I can’t see the images hosted on mudpuddle, so maybe if they host it somewhere else they could be seen.

hmmm… i haven’t voted yet because of the missing mudpuddle-entries… but limited to the other ones the ‘luminaria domestica’ would get my vote

I really like the style of PlantPerson’s living lamp. Nice, clean and balanced.

G_Taurus also has a good model and texture although there is something about the lighting thats a little off but I can’t tell why…


(It seems my mind took a different route when theeth said ‘Living Objects’. I went down the ‘Evil Chucky doll’, nasty things that spring to life, and things that shouldn’t be alive, hence the evil skeletal cats… ho hum)

Lots of good entries to choose from. Can’t really make up my mind.

Modron got my vote. Tealy great piece, mate. i also like Lived’s entry
Good job everyone.

Me vote for Modron, nice Fantasypiece.

It was funny to see everyone approaching the theme differently.

Kansas_15: an improvement of your lighting and storytelling, keep it up.

Ben_o: good to see another ‘newbie’ using the WC’s for their Blenderpractice. I think it really works. Correct me if I’m wrong. :wink:


Yeah, I am so sucked dry for inspiration… :wink:

I am using the WC’s for practice, as it helps me focus on tasks. Otherwise it ends up a bit like this: ‘Opens Blender… right… Now what shall I make today? <drums fingers on desk>… Closes Blender’

The “Cat”'s are linked and action figure posable, and I am making RVK’s for limited facial expressions. I didn’t have time to post my current cat pose, with the one on the right tearing at the purple one on the floor w/ eyes narrowed, and the other two laughing together. If only I didn’t have a job, then I could get soo much more work done!



Ok, I eventually went with Modron. Nicely done, my only crit would be that the forground colour could match up with the bground colour a bit better. But it is still really cool. I was very close to voting for ben_o or PlantPerson; They were very cool too. Kansas_15 almost got my vote, purely based on the shear amount of improvement he’s gone through lately. Oh well, I could only choose one. Goodluck Modron.

Voted for Modron, nice work.

Ben_o was a good second.
Lived in third position.

I voted for rogerm3d. Without adding any eyes or human-like features, he managed to make his object look very-much-so alive.

My vote goes to Lived and that expression. :wink: Despite the warning, 2 images hosted on mudpuddle are down, so uhh… maybe next time.

pm’ed theeth but just in case heres link

now to vote… :slight_smile:

I really liked ben_o’s creepy mecha-animals, so he got my vote. Are they composed of separate objects rigged on an armature? I especially like their spines.

Lots of grest entries this time around.

i loved that expression caught by lived’s cahracter. Caught me a little off guard and got a chuckle out of me, i also liked ben_o’s image, very nice, but thought the background subtracted from the overall impression of the image. Still, i loved those animals, they looked really kool.