Challenge #127 Entries (26/11/04) CLOSED

Theme #127 for 26 november 2004 is: Haunted House

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 29 november 2004.

(It is good to be back and able to say that again.)

Not sure I’ll join this time, but I’ll haunt this thread nevertheless :smiley:

I’ve got a new amd64 linux box to play around with and if I can get blender working then I’m in. 8)

Haunted House, eh? Just when all the TV adverts are hawking their cheesy wares for Christmas, and people are getting into the Yuletime spirit, Modron chooses horror…

Nice one! I always like a bit of counter-zeitgeist-activity!

I might have an idea… [But with no time to capitalise… ]


perhaps it’s haunted by a jolly egg nog drinking ghost.

Possible placeholder.

Okay, I’m in (placeholder)


Yes, mmmm…

I’ll see

Maybe this time I can find some time to again blender something.

hounted holder.

Can I submit 2 entries?



One of them will be a non participating entry.


My entry, haunted mushroom, pure blender!




That’s a nice picture TiZeta, but the materials on that mushroom are kinda odd. Top looks a bit like it’s covered in “glitter glue”, popular here in the 1980’s, and the bottom looks… hm, I dunno. Not a bad thing though, and very fantasy-esque.
Oh, and that background is just beautiful.

Hi paroneayea! right, the materials are odd, maybe i’ve been too fast in submitting it… is it possible to update the link before voting is started?
I could try something tomorrow… here is time to sleep now!

Tizeta you can update as long as it is before submitting is closed.
(when is that by the way?)

Ok heres my participating entry.

Large one:

And heres my nonparticipating entry.

Large one: