Challenge #127 Voting CLOSED

actually that’s not true you can get the same effect just using blender. just render the butler with an alpha channel then slap him on a plane set to shadeless with a blend texture set to alpha.
<edit> i just did it just to be sure it could be done,…some other settings such as dvar and x and y offsets and sizes come into play but it definately works.

It seems like everybody thinks differently about an open entry. That’s okay with me. :smiley:
Personally I would take into account why a work is open. Next time I’ll ask Theeth to post my small explanation (about the work being open) with the picture.

Could I make the work using only Blender?
Maybe, but it would be much harder and difficult (and probably still not as good). The end justifies the means, and it already took a lot of time, so using Photoshop was the best step for the work. It’s the result that counts for me, not the fact that my work will be open or pure.

Anywho, my favorites were:

  1. cipix
  2. duskblue
  3. AntiChrome

I like anything with a good Toony look (2D or 3D), so my vote went to one of them. :wink:

A great competition so far,

This is my first entry for the WC and I must say that, unfortunately for me, this is one hell of WC, with many great entries.

I tried to do an unusual image (at least for Blender) and I think I did it, but the Sago and AntiChrome entries are better than mine in many ways.

I also like duskblue’s entry, with a bit more work it could have won the challenge.

Congratulations for you entries,

This is my first entry for the WC and I must say that, unfortunately for me, this is one hell of WC, with many great entries.

First, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings (that would be Theeth in this case), so don’t count yourself out.
And besides, that’s why they call it a challenge. :wink:

I guess it’s all about the theme, Haunted Houses are deep in everyone’s imagination. This WC is also my first, and it really is a challenge. :wink:

Good work!

I agree. So how do you choose a good topic ? How do you know if a topic will be a successfull one, with many competitors and great entries ?


Don’t know :frowning:
Objects or stories that were relevant for good movies or books may be a start. But sometimes an unexpected theme could also bring the best images. Maybe the rule is “no rules”

I think an easy topic is something specific, this eliminates the need for everyone to spend ages trying to come up with an idea and they can just focus on the actual topic. Also something that anyone can relate to and can be appraoched in different ways.

OOps! :smiley: This is my first challenge and one of my first works (i blend since the end of september, approximately), so to me it’s a very good result, with such other’s good stuff in the challenge! (I thougt i was a bit off topic too…)

But you can’t excape the typical noobie question: suggestions, comments, crits please! Just to improve.
Sago said “i like anything with a good Toony look” and he/she is a very good toonist… so Sago, and anyone here some tip for me??? Please…

?.. first… thanks?
What I said about a ‘good Toony look’ is just my personal (and humble :smiley: ) opinion, and doesn’t mean I don’t like a work if it’s not Toony. I just think if you really want to go for that look, you need some sort of abstraction (go back to the basic shapes) and stylising (leaving out to much details). I’m still a little new to 3D, but I have a much longer history with 2D (including cartoons); my personal interest in a mix between those two seems very logic.

When you look at cipix’s work, you see a great mix of simple flat shapes and flat colors. But there’s still some cool depth because of the gradient background.
Many objects and shapes in duskblue’s work are very basic and simple. And in my opinion he found a good combination with the textures (some objects have lots textures, some little and some have nothing).
My work isn’t really that kind of toony. More like a ‘Muppet-look’ (when you look at the face of the ghost). Everything is still textured and all.

Looking at your work you can ask yourself things like (they’re just simple examples):
Does the shape and texture of the mushroom work a little distracting?
Does the main character have enough attention? Perhaps a close-up is needed?
Can I see where my foreground ends and my background begins?

I can’t give you much tips from the Blender-point-of-view (I still feel like a newbie). But be sure to look at other people’s work (and not only made with Blender), and always ask questions if you feel like.

Sorry about the long post.

See ya,

:smiley: :smiley: Thanks for tips Sago! They will be precious.
Those are one of the only things i have for learning, unfortunately i cannot go to a good grapihcs school.:-?
Looking to other’s works and suggestions are two of the few things i can do, by now, to improve a bit! Even if i sometimes feel a bit annoyng with all the asks for suggestion that i make…

(Hey, your entry for genetichs food was wonderful too!!! Me too, i like good cartoon stuff a lot… )

Hem, don’t look at my english…

No problem, anything for a lady. %|

I find photography tutorials quite useful for 3D works. Photography rules apply very well to 3D images.

One such quick tutorial is:


A really great book to pick up is Understanding Comics by Scott McLeod:

It’s pretty much what I did instead of going to art school :wink:

(Full disclosure: I work for Buy the book anywhere you like or, better still, go to the library).

Also, keep an eye open for the Uncanny Valley concept. Sago makes reference to it, and McLeod goes into it with great detail in his book. It’s controversial, but, in my personal experience, it’s pretty effective. More about the Valley here:

A really great book to pick up is Understanding Comics by Scott McLeod

Nice tip. I saw the first 6 pages on Amazon, looks interesting.

Also, keep an eye open for the Uncanny Valley concept. Sago makes reference to it

Did I?
It’s a good thing I found a dutch description (the english one was a little hard to understand), and what a great ‘law’. Incredible stuff.

BTW, I misspelled the author’s name. It’s Scott McCloud, not McLeod. D’oh! His site’s cool, too:

hey thanks!!!
Bookmarked everything.
And i hope i will find the book too in italy… anyway i will find a way to get it.
Thanks! :smiley:
Hey, the fat lady will sing soon!!!
The winner is easy to guess … eh eh…

hey the book exist in italian too!!!

Winner: Sago with 27% of the votes.



Great WC dudes and dudettes!

I’ve send theeth the next theme, so it will start soon (I think).


Congratulations on the great entries. I hope to meet you all (and kick your asses :slight_smile: ) in the next challenges.