Challenge #129 Entries (10/12/04) CLOSED

Theme #129 for 10 december 2004 is: Greed

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 13 december 2004.

#129, not #128 :stuck_out_tongue:

My placeholder. Mine, Mine, Mine!!!

Aren’t there any prizes? :stuck_out_tongue:

But I want a week for this challenge! :smiley:

Boek merk (plek houer?)


I would like to send in eight entries. Then my chances are bigger. LOL

Ill give it a try.

Me thinks me have an idea.


Oh, damn, I wish I had time this weekend… I’ll see what I can do…

sounds like an interesting topic. i’m in.

My precioussssss!

bigger picture


Hi again

Here is my entry: a huge room filled with a lot of money.
I showed this picture to many people and they all thought it is sand, but it’s money!
I hope you like it.

Gold Piece Holder!

Dedicated to all my fellow RPGamers :wink:

“What if Santa Claus was nothing but another greedy dungeon dweller and couldn’t outrun the goblins with their treasure?”

(click on the pic to enlarge)

AO + 1 area light + 1 RT blue lamp in the background + 1 ‘no shadow’ orange lamp in the foreground

All items and props modelled using the new edges and faces selection (very efficient, BTW).

Fiber script for the fur on the sleeve of Santa Claus. Goblin target from the MakeHuman project (old mesh).

I hope you will enjoy anyway! :smiley:


Here’s my entry. I think it is self explanatory.

Yethh… If voting was based on the truth of an image, you’d be the winner…

I’m sorry, could you elaborate on that? :expressionless:

I’m sorry, could you elaborate on that? :|[/quote]

Meant to be pronounced like this: “Dubyah.”

Ah man I forgot about the WC when friday came around. Won’t have time to make a quality piece for this topic has caught my interest.

“I name him Tony 8)”

With my classicaly trained, diploma enhanced title creation skills I have made my entry: “Greed”. :wink:
(Click to see larger.)

Hope you like! :smiley:


^^ Nice one, but that blur really hurts my eyes :o