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Pure Entries
ray_theway[list:f14117e91a]I call this Siegeworks.
Pure Made all in Blender. I did use the l-system script for the lightning and RipSting’s grass script for the grass. The stone texture is from the Texturing a Castle tut.

scrappyi call him “Evil from the Times” i decided to give him reddish eyes at the last miniut. i didn’t like the blue too much, made him seem friendly;)

Mostly mesh editing with subdivide and extrusions. Some volumetric light. Upper right-hand corner done in PSP to reduce file size. Textures are almost all procedural because I ran out of time to make decent textures. I’m burying this thing after today. (copy and paste)

nerddogsThis is a characher I use to draw for my school newpaper back in the mid 80’s.
Pure Took about 3 hours today. This is "Bambi the Barbarian "
(copy and paste)

d52477001This is a picture of the mystical sword stuck in the rock with all kinds of magic happening around it.
This entry is completly Pure The textures are all procedural except that of the building wall and roof.

nishinWhat’s cookin’?
Pure I was sitting here, bored, so I figured I might as well do something productive. Turned out like this:

@ceok this is my Pure entry, modelled and renderred in blender.

lizard809here’s my entry
i call it Baby Dragon
it’s pure, i made the whole thing for the contest, starting on saturuday

BgDMHere is my contribution for this week. It is an ancient slain warrior laying where he fell beside the castle after a battle.
Pure Done about 90-95% in Blender. The skullmodel I had for along time on my machine. Don’t remember where I got it from. The background image is a Terragen image placed in the Backbuff. The rest is all Blender.

ScottishPigThe tip-top mideval (mediaeval) weaponry. quick to model, texture and render— 100% Blender, pure.

GoofsterW00T! I made this entry in 10 minutes. I think all of you got the wrong topictitle or something…

Just one speedy blur on the foreground…


Open Entries
SGT Squeaks[list:f14117e91a]OPEN
This is a pic of a dragons skull. Most of it was made in blender. But enough of it was done in wings that I decided it should be open. I wanted to spend more time on fixing the creases and adding a good texture, but I’ve spent all the time I can spare on it.

ectizenOpen All new, all blender, but it relies too much on the textures for me to call it Pure.



Sorry about the misplaced entries - I hope I got everyone in there…

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Vote for me!

err: Really great— alot of nice entries this week. And may the better man (pig, or stupid crossbow) win. I couldn’t make it a ship- it’d be off topic. :frowning:

(@ce) #3

ehm…you posted double Pure entries :slight_smile:

Great entries!! NISHIN RULES!!! VOTE FOR HIM

or me if you feel insane

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Oops - I must need caffeine, or sleep, or something :wink:

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Late entry

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wow great entries! lots of em too, i was beginning to worry there would be low turnout 8)

hey NISHIN, did u get my email dude?

(pofo) #7

Great pic nishin!

Only “flaw” I see is that the pot is shiny, looks a little strange.

  1. pofo

(SGT Squeaks) #8

WOW!!! :o I didn’t realize how bad the thumbnail I posted was. I should get more sleep. :smiley: And do check out the full image. :wink:

(Dani) #9

Hello everybody!

Nishin, I was wondering: How did you do that glow effect? I’m raelly interested by this one! It’s really great! please give us your secret :wink:


(d52477001) #10


cluh: if your entry had been in earlier you would have had my vote.

(RipSting) #11

Sorry, but I have two critisizms about nishin’s cabin.

  1. What is the clue that this is from Medieval times? Could be 1900 for all I know.

  2. How is the glow done? Motion blur might do it, but I dunno. And the cloth curtains? Looks like Maya or some other cloth engine… This is pure Blender?

Excellent entries though! It looks like paying attention to texturing and lighting really is the key to winning these.

(ectizen) #12

I think this is the most votes we’ve ever had for one of these - and nishin won with 40%!

Well done, nishin!

Thanks to all those who voted :slight_smile:
Special thanks to all those who entered :slight_smile:
And extra special thanks to whoever it was that thought my entry deserved a vote :smiley:

(SGT Squeaks) #13

Congrats Nishin!!!

(nishin) #14

sorry about not responding earlier, but I’m only at home during the weekends… (armystuff :frowning: )

glow effect = glow plugin (download the collection from SirDude’s page if you ask me)
dof = zblur plugin (included in the as well)

Pofo: Everything during the medieval times was shiny you silly!! :slight_smile:

RipSting >> “And the cloth curtains? Looks like Maya or some other cloth engine… This is pure Blender?”
Ever heard of subsurfs? (… it’s not like they are animatable :wink: ) And Yes, it’s all Blender.
thanks for voting for me everyone!