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This week’s theme is: the unexpected

How to vote: look at all of the entries, pick the one you think should win (based on whatever criteria you like - eg. theme interpretation/image quality/noob encouragement/etc…) and vote for it in the poll at the top of this page. If there are only the results at the top of this page, either you’ve already voted, or voting has finished. Also, if you’re undecided between choosing a Pure entry and an Open one, you’re encouraged to pick the Pure entry - other than that, just ignore the Open/Pure classifications.
Easy, huh? :slight_smile:

Pure Entries
NEO[list:f925d4c1a5]this is a PURE entry…what does im granpaboy REALLY look like?!

H-Cits a bit depressing but i was testing out if i could make blood look real a bit unexpected but Hey… :smiley:
This is 100% pure

Grizzly69Billy thinks: “My birthday was yesterday, and I got lots of cool stuff. So to find this gift in my room this evening is quite… Unexpected.”
Pure Everything done in Blender. The box and tag textures were made in Gimp. The tabletop is a wood texture found on the internet.

ScottishPigI’m as done as I’ll ever be. I modelled the whole ship in 4 hours, very pure. Unfortunatly the hills didn’t turn out right- but I hope for it to kick some butt! Besides, who would expect to see THIS in their morning commute?

nerddogsI call this: “And they said it would never happen”
(copy and paste)

bogbeanA squadron of flying pigs launch an unprovoked attack on a deserted picnic area using air-to-ground missiles.
(You can’t get much more unexpected than that, surely?!)
Pure Modelled everything but the pigs (which I got from the web). Struggled a bit with the particles for smoke trails and explosions as I’d not really played with them much before.

imgranpaboyhe wasnt expecting it, you werent expecting it, i didnt even expect it, but alas, here it is…
and though i have many mind powers, even they cannot make it go away…
PURE entry with lil bit of photoshop editing

TurkeyI must admit I kind of stole the idea from the beginning of the hitchhiker`s guide to the galaxy.
This is an PURE entry 100% blender (copy and paste)

@ceIt’s amazing!! not that we want it…but hey…it’s unbelievable!
Pure…modelled and renderred in blender

cluhwait, someone bought one?
Pure made whole thing for contest, started Sunday night

Pure texture made in blender, plane made in blender, you can’t get more basic then this :smiley:


Open Entries
SGT Squeaks[list:f925d4c1a5]Here is the story.
When I was a kid my family moved into their first house. And like any kid the first thing I did was go out to the back yard and start digging in the sand box. I would always find toy army men and army vehicles that were buried by the previous owners. But wouldn’t it be totally unexpected if instead of finding toys I found the real thing?
And here is the entry. Everything was made in blender but the tank. OPEN


Go on! Pick one! :smiley:


uh, I know this is kinda late, but I started it about 20 minutes before the deadline, it is quite open, since I didn’t use blender at all (only photoshop) I just thought everyone would get a laugh from it (no explanation neccessary I hope :-D):

Viva la WC and Blender too :smiley:


(Ecks) #3

wow hard voting this week…I think I will vote for imgranpaboy but…the entry on grizzly69 is also cool…and the one of scottishpig too and I almost forgot the one of bogbean! (Flying pig…where di you take that idea? :-? ) and all the other are also good so I think I will put my finger on my screen and the name mu finger will point at I will vote for him! :smiley:

(BgDM) #4

Man, flying pigs with jet engines up their asses. LMFAO!!! bogbean, you always have one hilarious entry dude. Cheers!

NEO! That one rocks man. Great render. LMAO at that one too.

Don’t know who to vote for this week.

Good stuff all around everyone!


(d52477001) #5

there are always so many more entries than i expect :o

anyways…great entries guys, its gonna be tight 8)

(Stungun) #6

grandpa’s entry rocks
simple yet stylish and hilarious :smiley:
you got my vote man

prepare yourselves,
soon Stungun is going to participate as well :slight_smile:

  • Stunner

(ScottishPig) #7


…Vote for scottishpig- even though I did not.

(blengine) #8

james! that is hilarious! hahahaha… oh lmao…
all the entries this week were great! i think this has been the best contest yet :wink:

(Turkey) #9

zero votes, I’m good :stuck_out_tongue:

btw loved your entry James

(ectizen) #10

And in a turn of events that perhaps wasn’t in keeping with this week’s theme, the winner is imgranpaboy!

Good job, everyone who enetered :smiley:
Yes, even you Turkey :wink: