Challenge #15 Voting - CLOSED

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This week’s theme is: space

How to vote: look at all of the entries, pick the one you think should win (based on whatever criteria you like - eg. theme interpretation/image quality/noob encouragement/etc…) and vote for it in the poll at the top of this page. If there are only the results at the top of this page, either you’ve already voted, or voting has finished. Also, if you’re undecided between choosing a Pure entry and an Open one, you’re encouraged to pick the Pure entry - other than that, just ignore the Open/Pure classifications.
Easy, huh? :slight_smile:

Pure Entries
everything blender…nothing else

X-WARRIORWOW I am the first that post his entry!!
I named it: Destruction of our space! (the explosion at the back is a supernova)
Pure The only postprocessing is those white light coming from the explosion:

NEOHeres my Pure entry, its an underworld high commanding officor who is rebelling against the evil of the underworld which has taken over earth, he is being persued by satan after freeing slaves, all he can do now is escape, deaper and deaper into the space of hell. Its mostly for this contest and mostly blender. Except for a bit of compositing in Photoshop.

Blender goes into orbit with the new Blender Open-source Space Station!
By Billy the Kid Goat
[ I lost my goat in the cruel username cull of 2002]
It’s worth it! :wink:
Oh, plus it’s 100% pure Blender, with b.o.s.s. texture in gimp and earth textures courtesy of “J.H.T.'s planetary pixel emporium”

@cePure…and eh…I suggest you duck…those lasers burn!

macounoCaptain she’s gonna blow!
Pure My very first attempt at DOF motion blur sorta like. Completely blender, completely new models and all, well apart from the tiny text at the bottom. I put that in with paintshop but I think that’s forgiven icon_wink.gif

pofoWell, here’s mine. Glad I finally finished something for the WC again :slight_smile:

@ndythis is an image of a space station being hit by asteroids.
ok here’s my entry it’s PURE [everything blender, all new modells and slightly postprocessed]

nerddogsPure with a little Photoshop for some of the text and the blender texture cd.

basseok. here’s something a bit different…
it’s PURE, all done in blender, by me, today.
there are some places here and there that needed a bit more work, but I’m getting too tired now… and tomorrow I have no time working on this anymore… so I just decided to post it as it is… hope you enjoy it…


Open Entries
Cativo[list:b213c5d18c]Actually two images…first one is the latest/entry. All done in blender, but it’s Open cause I already had the model…
ok, here it is…:

cgi_redneckthe galaxies are getting sucked into a black hole
Open All modeling done in Blender, all textures except stars made in Photoshop 6, and post production work done in Photoshop 6 (blurring of the black hole).

Backup copy in case the above link doesn’t work for you (underscores in hostnames = bad)

SGT SqueaksIts a space ship on a distant planets surface. The design of the space ship was created friday by a friend and co-worker of mine named Brian Prince. Here is a link to his website. And everything was modeled today by me.
Here is my entry

GemaRastemMy entry is totally open, blender wasn’t even used, and here it is.
That is my entry, (it is space). VOTE FOR MY SPACE!!! [/list:u:b213c5d18c]

Reused models added onto, PSP5.0 used to compile the images into one.

Backup copy in case the above link doesn’t work for you (underscores in hostnames = bad)


Whew! That took a little longer than expected!

Things we learnt this week:underscores in hostnames upset the organiser

BBCode doesn’t like ( or ) in urls

a rule requiring that entries must be jpeg is necessary

at the beginning…I though I had a chance of winning this week…but after I saw the entry of @ndy, @ce, NEO, macouno, basse, cativo and others…uhmmm I dont think i will even get any vote…lol :-? Good luck everyone!

Amazing entries everyone!!
and eh First reply!!!


WOW! A lot of entries this week. And a lot of great stuff. I need to look a all of these again.


Great! Now I can’t decide!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Geez people… this is hard. I feel humble in your presence and have no idea who to vote for. hmmm know what? I’ll just look at all of them again! Nuts… why do we make it this hard??? :stuck_out_tongue:

macouno: incredible design!!

and I would really love to get some point system on these votings… this is getting harder and harder. I would say, impossible, but, I won’t.


You guys are awesome

@ce: How’d you do that blue-ish spiral thingy?

Handpainted textures, a couple of them…put them on a modified cylinder, and some extra effects added (like flare :P) :wink:

wow… there’ re many good entries this week.
hehe @ce… what did i tell you, you win :smiley:

I’m sure you’ll have a comeback that’ll knock me off my feet…it’s only the first day of voting! :slight_smile:

Thanks man… looks like it’s you or me for third place… and that whilst yours looks more incredible to me than mine :wink: I’m amazed I’m getting votes at all… wowee, going to celebrate now.

wow! ace and andy have the same number of vote and macouno and basse too!!! :-? who will win? Can there be two winner?

Congratulations andy!!..there are only 30 mins left…and ur in the lead…

choose a good topic…I’m sure I’ll have more luck next time :slight_smile:

<discards the tiebreaker message that was under construction>

And the winner, by one vote and about twenty-six and a half hours is @ndy!

Excellent work from everyone who submitted an image! :slight_smile:

WOO HOO 2 votes

hey… a lot of great entries this week… it wasn’t easy to win.
i’d like to suggest the topic for this week: natural desasters
anything from tornados to storms and tidal waves… woooooo :smiley:
i hope that’s ok…