Challenge #168 (10/21/05) - Entries CLOSED

Theme #168 for 21 October 2005 is: Unnecessarily Complicated

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 24 October 2005.

Wicked, I’m deffinitley up for this one. :smiley:



I agree, I know EXACTLY what I’m going to make…

Placeholded…placeholding…possibly placeholdering…

I might just be able to combine the wc with other stuff that I have to do. If it pans out I will have a go.


ps, had my teeth xrayed this week, and thankfully it dosent look like aliens have been at my head, allthough the R worried me momentaraly.
Screen shot later.

pps, after consulting my lawyer he addvised me that it would be unwise to publish xrays of my teeth due to the preponderance of identity theft.

Placeholder. Is using 2.40a allowed?

New Super toaster! * from Microsoft!
Super expensive!
Super sized!
Super consuming!
Super sleek looks!

                                              Batteries are not included. Some assembly required. At your own risk *)

The Ultimate Light Bulb Changer
Never screw a lightbulb in its socket with your hands again!

Pure Entry

Eh, I have to work this weekend, but hopefully I can squeeze something out…

Well, since my only (good) idea was to model a woman, and I neither have the time nor the patience, I’m backing out…

IRTC once had a very similar topic for an animation round: Unnecessarily Complicated Devices; it so happens that at least 2 entries were done in Blender: Ian Print’s (which garnered an honorable mention) and weirdhat’s.

Well, heres my entry. Hope you like!

Its one of those 1000 piece puzzles where the sky is the hardest part to figure out.


OK, here’s my pure entry.
I think it speaks for itself.


It’s been ages since I’ve done one of these…

Begin with the holding of the place now



I’d say placeholder, but i realized that i’m not good at modelling women :wink:

maybe i’ll think of something

Place holder! I’d like to try my hand at this for once. Nice subject!

Here is my pure entry. You are all familiar with the metaphor so here is a square peg in a round hole! :smiley:

Background: At work we all too often are asked to add features to 5 to 10 year old code and the new code is usually mutilated in order to work with the old code.

p.s. I noticed that when viewing it on put-file the colors get put into web-colorspace so if you want a better look at it, download it from the web browser.

Last minute edit. Composition can now stand more on its own.

Ever thought if a caveman would be able to comprehend something as simple as a button?
Pure entry

just a stupid little idea i had for this weekend’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s my entry (first timer in the Weekend challenge, please be gentle)


Here’s mine. I decided I wanted to participate in one of these since I never have.

It’s not finished but what the heck:

lol. somebody should do the xbox 360 :slight_smile:

An unapropriately placed maze.

Pure entry, Blender 2.37a + Gimp 2.2. I’ve concentrated this time mostly on textures. This is first time when I properly texture a model. Didn’t have time for a proper background, maybe next time.

Good one cipix :smiley:
The topic is also very good, but I really haven’t much time the weekend. Maybe tonight… :expressionless: