Challenge #169 (10/28/05) - Entries CLOSED

(theeth) #1

Theme #169 for 28 October 2005 is: Alternative Transportation

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 31 October 2005.

(space.warp) #2

Pure entry
This is what you have TV-Shop for…

(sapir) #3

Placeholder. Just in case. :slight_smile:

(Ammusionist) #4

Place ()>-------------------<() Holder

“This is your captain speaking. Welcome to Wormhole flight WF142 to Earth. Please ensure tray tables are upright and dimensional stability is in effect. Thank you.”


(Edeehem) #5

I would have loved to enter my skycar project I am working on but thats against the rules :smiley: (which is perfectly logic) and I am not here this weekend. sigh I’ll participate next week though :D. Great topic though. I can already imagine the wacky ideas coming…

(Jeeves) #6
Placeholder = 'false'; // I never forget to define variables...
Back_out = 'false';
if ( Time == 'Permitting' ) {
   Placeholder = 'true';
else {
   Back_out = 'true';

Don’t mind me, I’m just really bored.

Edit: Time == ‘Permitting’;

My first idea was a Segway… Didn’t happen… Second, a hamster ball. Again, didn’t happen… Then this came out.


(cerin) #7

I have an awsome idea, but it will really test my noob skills so I will have to plan it. I just may enter.

(Modron) #8

possible placemat :Z

(DanBoghean) #9

Place Holder. I’m going to have to brainstorm for this one.

(Maaatt) #10

Pure entry(first weekend challenge)

Don’t try to see too much in this one hee hee

(jaderberg) #11

Jim furnished his own transportation to beat the evening rush hour…

heres mine… i would have loved to have finished it but i cant: going away tmoro

(DanBoghean) #12

The walking of the future:

(cerin) #13

Is it just a coincidence that Jeeves was going to do a segway and DanBoghean actually did a segway?

Anyway I had planned to do a play tikes coopy car thing kind of like this one, but I won’t get around to it.
not an entry
not an entry

(Ammusionist) #14

Isn’t that Time = ‘Permitting’;


(Also too much time!)

(Jeeves) #15

I was using that as in if statement, which would be “if ( Time == ‘Permitting’ )”. But, in the context it appears in, I should drop the extra = sign. Also should drop the semi-colon. But nuts to it.

(DanBoghean) #16

I actually wasn’t going to do a segway since I didn’t have any reference pics :frowning: I just did this out of my head, that’s why it looks so crappy!

(Sago) #17

My pure entry:

Into the Light

One accident… one death… one step into the Light… one way ticket to Paradise…