Challenge #172 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Droids

Pure Entries

4go10soul [list:a984331520]
May the Blender Be with You!

I went for funny - theme “stupid driods” based on alienware intelligence
quite a paradox

Pure entry, background composited in blender.


Alien Droid

Self Assembly Required

“green droid”

I tried to make alot but just crashed my pc
Here is my Final entry enjoy


Robot Relief

evil monkey droid

Open Entries

Alex_G [list:a984331520]
What droids really get up to.


Non-Participating Entries

Robertt [list:a984331520]
a non-participating star wars inspired power droid speed model


Shucks, too slow on getting my concept together and never quite got the textures right. should have posted anyway.

mikejedw, you got my vote, yours has a certain look to it that make me think of nanobots… and a certain horror flick that was out a few years back.

wow! lots of entries…mine is as usual a last moment work therefore i didnt really expect to win, anyhow i hope i can enter the next one…


it looks like our droids came from the same factory.

Sooner or later, they’ll all need “DROIDS” medication.

A lot of great entries here. Hard to choose from, but I voted for Spin’s rendering. It kind of stood out from the rest and quite well rendered. Oh, that’s me. :smiley:

Sooner or later, they’ll all need “DROIDS” medication.

Does that only work on robots?

Just asking for a friend of mine.

It works on cyborgs too, like Robo-Cop. As long as there is a bionic sphincter involved, you’ll be alright.

I had a difficult time deciding this time.

Tamarin +1.

Winner: Tamarin with 27% of the votes