Challenge #172 Voting CLOSED

(theeth) #1

This week’s theme: Droids

Pure Entries

4go10soul [list:a984331520]
May the Blender Be with You!

I went for funny - theme “stupid driods” based on alienware intelligence
quite a paradox

Pure entry, background composited in blender.


Alien Droid

Self Assembly Required

“green droid”

I tried to make alot but just crashed my pc
Here is my Final entry enjoy


Robot Relief

evil monkey droid

Open Entries

Alex_G [list:a984331520]
What droids really get up to.


Non-Participating Entries

Robertt [list:a984331520]
a non-participating star wars inspired power droid speed model


(DracoFodder) #2

Shucks, too slow on getting my concept together and never quite got the textures right. should have posted anyway.

mikejedw, you got my vote, yours has a certain look to it that make me think of nanobots… and a certain horror flick that was out a few years back.

(4go10soul) #3

wow! lots of entries…mine is as usual a last moment work therefore i didnt really expect to win, anyhow i hope i can enter the next one…

(Tamarin) #4


it looks like our droids came from the same factory.

(Spin) #5

Sooner or later, they’ll all need “DROIDS” medication.

A lot of great entries here. Hard to choose from, but I voted for Spin’s rendering. It kind of stood out from the rest and quite well rendered. Oh, that’s me. :smiley:

(Tamarin) #6

Sooner or later, they’ll all need “DROIDS” medication.

Does that only work on robots?

Just asking for a friend of mine.

(Spin) #7

It works on cyborgs too, like Robo-Cop. As long as there is a bionic sphincter involved, you’ll be alright.

(WhiteBoy) #8

I had a difficult time deciding this time.

Tamarin +1.

(theeth) #9

Winner: Tamarin with 27% of the votes