Challenge #173 (11/25/05) - Entries CLOSED

Theme #173 for 25 November 2005 is: Bugs

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 28 November 2005.

mmm, possible placeholder
It has been ages since I entered a weekend challenge.

A bee or not a bee, that’s the question.

Hey ill give it a go, Im a noob so this wil be my first challenge!

=edit= had a think about the concept, currently modelling an apple. Think im gonna have some mouldy fruit with maggots in them. Cos im sick like that.

possible placeholder, i just need an idea!!

Possible placeholder :smiley:

Here’s mine, I call it “Land of the bugs” :wink:

Edit2: Oh, pure entry :smiley:


possible placeholder…

Might have another go.

This is the first thing I thought of. Why is everyone else working on insect models? :wink:

[edit: re-uploaded. Whiskers hadn’t rendered previously]

Pure Entry.


Save a spot for me.


Place my holder.


this a commentary on the upcoming release? <ducks>


yes I got a good idea for this one




Here’s my entry

It’s a metal ladybug

Pure Entry

It’s my first contest entry using Blender EVER!



This is my first challange…hope i make it.

:::Heres mine…Not as good as I wanted it to be.

Fighting sticks
edit: Aded manual depth of field and adjusted the colors.

Here’s a blender bug


Native American Insect carving
Butterfly carving

PS: The idea for this entry came while looking on google. Everytime I enter a contest here I look up the word or words on or another website to see the different possible meanings of a word (in this case bugs had several and several ideas come to mind which I will not post…). Well then, since bug is another word for insect then the choice is large. So here is my entry, a Native american bug (butterfly) carving.

use this as the Thumbnail link:

use this as the Image link:

Another kind of bug
Bigger image

Used Blender 2.40 alpha 2.

Pure entry ( I’ve used an older tire model but i think it still qualifies as pure ).

Hey all I noticed this little competition so I decided to try it out. Using a character I had created a while back I was able to come up with this scen. I call it Slug Night Crossing.
(I swear it is a slug, not a slime monster %| )
Hope you like it

BlackManta :Z

PS background did not work for some reason…I will have to find out why. It was suppose to be dawn. oh well.
Still I am proud of it.


Here is my imagined bug, too mechanic maybe :).
… pure entry.

This morning, I decided not to eat my tosti. Instead, I made a snapshot and ran off.


[edit: it’s pure!]