Challenge #175 (12/09/05) - Entries CLOSED

Theme #175 for 9 December 2005 is: Santa’s Little Secret

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 12 December 2005.

I have an idea but I’m not sure I have the time.

Possible placeholder…

*** Edit ***

The secret of how santa manages to deliver his presents.
Pure Blender + Yafray


I foresee a lot of nasty entries… Count me in! Might actually have time this weekend.

You betcha its going to be nasty :slight_smile:


count me in…

so many different things one could do with this challenge… lol

edit: here it is… all blender except the screenshot on the computer

“And you thought he made all of them presents…”

here’s mine:
klick here for the image:

i hope you like it. actually, it’s my first completely self modeled human character :wink: i had a lot of fun with the new particle system. :smiley:

very little postpro with the gimp.

Thats what Im talking about :slight_smile:

Possible placeholder.

(noob entrant)




Didn’t get as much done to it as I like, but running out of time.

Here’s my entry:

It’s a pure entry. What Santa really puts in the presents.


You wicked person :wink: I hope you submit an entry.

I wish I had time to do one too. Maybe I will.

Dang, this is a good topic!

I just wish I had more time. Maybe if I “forget” about some of my semester finals…

I have a few ideas, two of which are dirty… We’ll see…

I wouldn’t expect less from you… :wink:

Sleigh which santa uses to deliver some gifts when he is in a hurry.

I got an idea, and i think i can model it… but i’m all new to blender, and wouldn’t have a chance… And my skills at texturing isn’t exactly mindblowing… :expressionless:

So i wont participate…

Edit:: i’ve changed my mind…! i’ll give it a try… one time has to be the first =)


Now, the uvmapping is shitty, but i’ve done what i could =)

Santa’s means of making it around to every kid in the world: the Jetdeer


noooooooo!! I have a really good idea but I’m not skilled enough to accomplish it :frowning:
but the idea is??? Santa looking in the mirror as he put’s in his dentures.
If a miracle happens tonight or tomorrow I will submit something but it will have to be quite the miracle.
oh well…

Are these for him or the Reindeer? Really really big no-doze.

Here is my entry:

I think this is pure but the textures for the box and cupboards were done in GIMP.
Every year when I wake up, there are a few boxes of mince pies littered around the kitchen floor. It must be santa, who else apart from my parents gets in my house at christmas.

i’m in i’m in! wait! don’t close yet! %|

ok! it turned out to be a rather big and sad secret, i’m sorry for that.

And there Xnorgll was, sitting on a chair next to his Santasuit. He wished he was fat and old and fuzzy like they said. Or that they would accept his true identity, and still let him be Santa. But before people accepted that, he probably should wait a thousand years, he figured. Would the tradition even last that long?