Challenge #182 (02/03/06) - Entries CLOSED

Theme #182 for 3 February 2006 is:
Abstract sculpture

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 6 February 2006.

:x damn, I have no time!

maybe I will not sleep for a while :P.


Edit: Had to help someone move this weekend, and only had time to get the model done. Oh well maybe next time.

Perhaps I will try too. Excuse my cluelessness, but is it just modeling, or texturing too?

Modeling +Textures

mmm done mine in 2hours…need to add something

okay my first entry in the weekend challenges :smiley:

I used the b-brush script from 2.41

Ow, this should be nice.

HI again. Here is my "Abstract sculpture "…

My first entry to a weekend challenge. Modeled with Blender. Rendered with Yafray.

Blender + YaFray

Hope I posted that image right…

My first Weekend Challenge entry, too! It’s exciting. Just Blender and YAFRay. It’s called “Seuss’ Sax”.
Note, it’d be impossible to play. :smiley:

My non-participating entry:

Rock giving birth to Metal

Blender + Yafray + PostPro

Very nice Sago.
Looks like the kind of stuff my 3 year old nephew brings home from school :]

Lol… he must be one brilliant & creative 3 year old.

Wow, Sago, that is excellent. I know I’m not gonna win but here is my entry (my first contest entry too!)


Finally I have some time to do an entry!

Here is my Pure entry:

Nature of Man

Here’s me.
At first I wanted to do some weird spacial forms but then I saw the object was supposed to be a sculpture.
Thnx goes out to Yfkar for his great orange screw material.
One word from him and I’m taking it down.

With this I jump into the fray.
Pure entry. Fresh out of Blender Internal, with no post processing.

Some excellent images so far.


Quick & Pure entry: “Abstract puke”