Challenge #189 (03/31/06) - Entries CLOSED

Theme #189 for 31 March 2006 is: History

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 3 April 2006.

Theeth, text + textballoons was added in Photoshop, so I’ll let you decide if this is pure or open.

Prehistoric Question

Here’s my entry:


No idea yet, but I will get one. Placeholder.

Hm. I have an interesting idea for this one. If-I-have-time-placeholder.

Pure entry. Images made in blender. Text made in PhotoShop.

The history of a star…
Click for larger view.

Made a new avatar from the death-scene.


EDIT:A change of plan, sorry.

This is my pure entry:



HISTORY!?.. you want to see history… we ain’t got no his…err… we don’t need no stinking history!

a give you my poor attempt at history… a caricature of MJ during the ‘history tour’ to be specific… the monkey instead of the helmet thing he had… attempted to copy his silver/gold foil apollo lander costume, but that as well as other details (cough hair) I just didn’t work too hard as you all can certainly see :confused: … anyway, I hope it will still make you smile!

a pure entry, only thing a bit questionable could be the half head I made as a head template not so long ago that I used as a start point for MJ … oh, … and the material for skin comes from the skin shaders pack.

direct link

I have an idea for something…

Can it be related to one specific part of history or is it history in general?

Does it have to use blender either in whole or part?

placeholder … need an idea though :-?


Here’s my open entry… (the hedgehog is an old character that I’ve been working on for ages).

A hedgehog crossing the highway is about to become history.



pure entry ( if you dont count the internal monkey(suzanne) )
ice age monkey (sad story … scientists were unable to find the body … just the head)
bla bla bla…

going away tommorow :(, otherwise I would’ve spent the rest of today adding 2 more people and art styles.

Heres the partially finished picture

(I planned to do 1 more person with head scarf as anime, and one final ‘western’ look as a 3D model).

A Brief History of Blender

Animation DivX ~ 2 MB

Non-competing entry
Haven’t finished adding all the audio…