Challenge #19 Entries (4 October 2002) - CLOSED

(theeth) #1

Theme #18 for 13 September 2002 is: REBIRTH
Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 7 October 2002.

The rules are the same except a new addition: YOU MUST HAVE FUN DURING THIS CONTEST!

Despite having won the last challenge with a job really well dung, Imgranpaboy can participate in this one since he didn’t choose the contest topic.

The Week End challenge dominatrix is not available :frowning:

Good Luck!

(Idgas) #2

man thats three different contests at the same time. I like pressure

EDIT: I just noticed im #1

(macouno) #3

Theeth… thx! we’ve been holding our breaths hehe pffffffffffff

And dang… I won’t be able to fill this placeholder… no time this weekend.

(BgDM) #4

I’m out this week. I didn’t get any time to do something.

Good luck to everyone else.


(Ecks) #5

Yea Tx teeth! I love WC

I will try to make something for tommorow…


(steve343) #6

i think ill enter this wekend but dont hold your breath

(M-M) #7

What’s wrong? Nobody here or bad forum for entries?

Ok, just say i’ve an picture for W.E.C. in pure blender at:

(blengine) #8

this is reminding me of the first weekend challenges, low turnout, and not alot of hype =) but i predict its popularity will be re-esatbalished in a week or two, good luck to those who enter this week 8)

(IngieBee) #9

I feel inspired due to the big parties happening elsewhere, LOL. Maybe I’ll actually get something done.

(Ecks) #10

hehe this challenge was for the last week…I hope teeth didn’t forgot the wec of this week…
If its because you dont have time to…I can help you with the wc!