Challenge #207 Voting CLOSED


This week’s theme: Lonely

Pure Entries

Like the mood

Great to see so many entries :slight_smile:

Good work, everyone. I especially like the way Drachis (great mood), Edeehem (nice sand/colors), and Vuurstorm’s entries turned out.

My vote is for Vuurstorm for nicely modeled details and a good job on the materials.


Hard choices, my vote goes to Cuby.

And there are those needed 10 more characters :slight_smile:

I used to find quiet places to sit and think - I wasn’t lonely, just introspective. Most of these evolked that feeling - except 3

DracoFodder - This guy’s just sat down where he is because he’s lonely. Somehow you can feel his sadness.

JediMaster012 - Alone on your birthday - Bummer. I’d like to see more evidence of his being alone. Perhaps unused place settings, or a larger, emptier feeling room - or a present addressed “To me…”

Zoel - Lonely in a crowd - this says it so well.

My vote goes to DracoFodder.

My vote goes to Vuurstorm.


trees should be lonely, not people



That’s a good idea. Sadly, I didn’t realize that I wanted to enter until fairly late last night. Wish I had had more time to add details. I had thought about adding more objects to the table, but I hadn’t thought about what specifical objects. I kind of figured that the more empty it looked, the more lonely it would feel, but empty place settings is a good idea. As for a larger room, I didn’t really know how to do a full body, so that’s actually just him modeled from the waist up. Doesn’t even have any hands.

I’m just glad my entry got noticed. This is my first entry into any of the Weekly Challenges and one of my first full scenes.

As for my vote, I like DracoFodder and Drachis, but DracoFodder conveys loneliness a bit better. Like Ammusionist said, Drachis’ kind of looks like he’s just thinking.

I vote for DracoFodder.

Also, I don’t think mine deserves it this time, so I wouldn’t hav done it anyway, but what’s the general opinion on voting for your own entry?

my vote also goes to Edeheem, nice modeled and an also better idea :slight_smile:


I vote for zoel.

I like the mood in Drachis’ work.

But I vote for RobertT’s image. The sense of collective despair is well captured.

I Vote for Edeehem

Great looks like this week will be another close one where it can go anyway.
Yes voting like this is a bit of a slep but the nice thing is that now you know who voted for you and why.

My vote goes to Drachis because I always vote for the best modeling and don’t want to be the only one voting for himself :smiley:

wah_tak : I had a look at your gallery, very impressive - looking forward to you participating in a weekend challenge.

Robertt +1
You manage to convey the sense of loneliness through the use of a crowd of individuals and that’s in my opinion remarcable. The contrast of colors is also a great choice for the Alone vs not alone. It’s either black or white. It’s also a striking contrast against mine which is extremely colorful

I liked Dracofodder’s concept though but i would have turned the person around so that he showed his back to us.

_o/ One vote for Vuurstorm here, nice composition!


My Vote: JediMaster012

Despite the lower quality, this render stired more emotion than any other. Thus, it gets my vote. (If your wondering, I havn’t actually been alone on a b-day, that’s not why it “stired” me. :wink:

Good Entries!