Challenge #208 (10/06/06) CLOSED

Theme #208 for 6 October 2006 is: Nuts!

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 9 October 2006.

Lets All Hope No Perverts Participate

Nuts as in crazy or nuts as in editble :confused:

You would call them edible? :confused:

It’s open to interpritation.

Nominal Urge To Spawn…

hey! just showing my face here :stuck_out_tongue:

“Nuts without Bolts”


Squirrels shopping for nuts of a different kind



Okay, first time here in the Weekend Challenges for me. Hope I haven’t overlooked
any rules, written or unwritten. If so please tell me. It all seems pretty simple, if I’ve
understood things right. :smiley:

Pure Blender. Post-pro with nodes (motion blur, DOF, diffuse glow etc.), only a bit of
touch up work in Photoshop to eliminate the unavoidable artifacts from the motion
blur and DOF node setup. Also did some last minute color-correction in Photoshop, but
overall 99% Blender.

Hope you like it! Good entries you guys already posted!

Oh, forgot. Here’s a thumbnail…


Here is my pure entry.
This is what would have happened before “Elephants Dream”

The Blender Insane


Vuurstorm: Heh you should have put elephant’s dream’s characters in your mental hospital… Then the movie itself would make more sense. :wink:

This Is a Pure Entry

Flying Walnuts… That’s Nuts!!

And A Thumb


As a side note I know it is not very good, I Did not have the time to do my idea justisce.

It would be an open entry then. But that would be halarious

Marslyr, you do know you still have most of Monday to work on entries.

I’m nuts about you.

and that my friends is how Mr. Peanut met his wife

Mixed nuts

Direct link

Pure entry
It could have done with a bit more tweaking but im out of time.
I almost done an image similar to RobbertT, but not in a super market.

my first try.

new concept :stuck_out_tongue: be different :stuck_out_tongue:
my actual idea is to make a man use hammer / baseball to hit the tv, but my skill is limited :frowning: :frowning: so it remains as idea only.

Starring the Little Acorn:
“They’re all nuts!”
(click for fullsize version)