Challenge #21 Entries (18/10/02) CLOSED

(theeth) #1

Theme #20 for 18 October 2002 is: World War II

Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 21 October 2002.

no modification to the rules this week.

Good Luck!

edit: voting thread will come soon

(Ecks) #2

you forgot a “d” after worl"d"! :slight_smile:

Good luck every body!

(blengine) #3

hey theeth, are u going to continue with the hall of fame?? placing the winning pictures in from each week?

world war 2? ewwwwwwww, wheres the fun in war? its difficult too, hard for one weekend, well depending on what your doing =\

(Ecks) #4

Your not obligated to make it fun! You can make a scene with tank and try to show the bad side of the war.

(theeth) #5

uhm… yeah, eventually :-?


([email protected]) #6

SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET man i love this topic i HAVE to be in on this… :smiley:

(blengine) #7

Your not obligated to make it fun!

lol yes u are, thats one of the rules theeth added “you must have fun in this competition” :wink:

uhm… yeah, eventually

cool :slight_smile:

(Ecks) #8

You can have fun making soething sad…I think :-? I will try to make something but I cannot participate but me I will have FUN doing it! :wink:

(BMD) #9

this is gonna be my first attempt at the weekend challenge, and i am wondering, do we still do the “placeholder” thing?

(steve343) #10

im not entering this weekend not enough time sorry plus yes we still do the placeholder thing and i guess thats ur placeholder :stuck_out_tongue:


i changed my mind i wanna enter this pic took 4 hours to make tis PURE blender and all new. and if u havent guessed its the Hiroshima bomb :frowning: a sad day for man kind.

click here for bigger picture!!!

(BMD) #11

This prodject was done mostly to participate in my first contest.
This is 100% pure blender.

Thanks just for looking!

([email protected]) #12

i could have sworn i posted this already!! o well nm 100 pure

(Ecks) #13

nice stuka!
I thougt I add time for that this weekend…but it seem that my movie project (The Exodus) take too much of my time…

btw, if someoen is interesting in helping me… email me at [email protected] with the word: The Exodus in the subject box. Tx
requesting assistance on:
-Character modelling
-Weapon modelling (futuristic machingun, futuristic tank, mech etc…)

Nice nuclear explosion!!! hehe

(Bogey) #14

Sorry this is a late posting, but Ive been off the net for quite a while and had to create a new page etc, by the time I came back elsiun seemed to be down. What a week weve had though with open source/ dynamica. Any way this is my first go at the weekend chalange, and as you will probably guess, its not pure, but I thought it would be a good chance to show you some of what ive been up too. It is a 100% blender, but the Belfast is 150000 poly model. The three ships in the background are low poly (300) props from my next game (possably around xmas), and the subs from V1. As you can see Ive spent so much time with the game engine and UV mapping that my texturings gone to crap and ive forgotten how too set up particles. Well hope you like it.
Cheers for now
sorry it looks like you have to cut and paste this.
I am.

([email protected]) #15

holy shit masn whee did u get those textures esp the belfast i was looking for ages to find textures for the HMS hood but gave up