Challenge #210 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: War Machine

Pure Entries

  • Aki
    <no text>

  • atm-matt
    JAY "I feel like I’m gonna break this damn thing!

  • Blenderist
    Title : Sacrifice
    Description : Sacryfice to the war machine.

  • Drachis
    It stomps it rolls it has lazers whats not to love?

  • Edeehem
    A7V Sturmpanzerwagen

  • ibkanat
    augh ran out of time… oh well next time

  • Marslyr
    “They Enter The Machine unique and leave as part of the conformity.”

  • Modron
    the terrifying slug of DOOM!!

  • noesnaterse
    The ultimate warmachine which doesn’t rely on technology

  • RobertT

  • scraze
    Vision of a Madman: Apocalypse Teddybears

“And when finally, the human race’s largest War Machine - capitalism - gives birth to companies trying to take over the world through dissonantly cute creatures, disguised as stuffed toys and available for purchase in every store near you, - that day, all hope we have built through centuries of civilisation, all knowledge, in fact the world as we know it will be lost. I’m telling you, these ‘teddy bears’ are the beginning of something bad…”

  • shongshong
    Big guns never fail in a great war!

  • SmokinJuan
    The largest war machine on earth goes mostly undetected:

  • Vuurstorm

RobertT should be banned from entering WC’s because everyone knows he’ll win.

LoL, make a poll that goes
“RobertT wins! who should be second and pick the topic?”

Lot of entries though. Hey, I’m third!

Yup, RobertT made another great pic. But Drachis’ work is cute :stuck_out_tongue:
I love them both, I vote for Dra.

hey hey hey you shouldn’t choose between the two leading artists :eek: they’ve got enough points already! You should honour some of the artists without any points at all :wink:

Roberts is awesome but I voted for drachis on account of technically speaking, roberts is in the ‘open’ catagory ( i think ) due to the fact that the skeleton model is from a previous project. Not to take away from it though, Robert, I think it’s one of the coolest youve done yet, which is saying alot. I just don’t understand why the raw brutish ferocity/poetic simplicity of my ‘slug of DOOM!’ isn’t pulling in more votes. :frowning:

Modron, we’re the unrecognized artists, suffering from the lack of egoism which should’ve made us vote for ourselves, causing people to misinterpret our 0 votes as a unshakeably wise judgment about our incredibly genious work: not worthy to even take a good look at! :mad:

hehe no i’m sure we’re just having some bad luck with our themes and the publics wishes :o … :confused::stuck_out_tongue: better luck next time.

Why only my name is in italic?

SmokinJuan gets my vote, because of the so very true and important statement the picture makes. The render is fine, too. :slight_smile:

Marslyr: very good idea also.

My name is in italic only. If your the user your name is in italic.

Thanks Sanne. Marslyr gets my vote for much the same reason.

Lots of good entries this week. Emphasis on “lots” and “good.”

On my screen the only name in italics is Drachis, thats because i voted for him
Im guessing you voted for yourself.

Nice pic Drachis, slightly steam punk, reminds me of the spider from Wild Wild West, would have been better with some hydraulic cylinders on the legs, but still a superb piccy.

Blenderist & atm-matt - you guys are SOOO busted!


I thought it was cuz of user. My mom said I should vote for myself so I let her press it and she was happy for me. I still think drachis is best. BUSTED :smiley:

Just dropped a vote for Drachis. That’s one sweet pic.

Drachis definitely has the technical modeling prize, but I gotta admit that I liked the story of the “conformity machine.” The smoke, unfortunately, is weak.

Oh come on!!!
So what if I voted for myself… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok ok it is a little embarrasing but
it makes me feel good when I see that atleast 1 person has voted for me.
But as you now can see, 2 other ppl are wise enough to vote for me :stuck_out_tongue:

[mumbles]not to mention that not voting for yourself increases the probability of not getting votes at all…buuuuhhuuuhuuu…[/mumble]

I voted for SmokinJuan, The reason being that he conved the theme as I saw it, best :smiley:

Thank you to any one that voted for me, or will or is planning to vote for me :stuck_out_tongue:

The most vote I have gotten yet :smiley:


Winner: Drachis with 33% of the votes