Challenge #215 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Agony of the feet

Pure Entries

  • fambros
    “hallucinatory interpretation of the contest”

  • Marslyr
    Strap on a pair of these suckers,
    and you will experience an agony like you have never felt before.
    Open Entries

  • Splund
    A world in a parallel universe, ruled by hands, where feet are nothing more than slaves.

my vote for splund, you are getting better and better . . . .

I voted for Marslyr, funniest of the challengers. Kicking myself for not finishing mine:

Slund idea is funny.

I mean . . . it looks like the feet can crush that carriage easily. . .so I find it hard that the feet is the slave :slight_smile:

Thanks for your vote and kind words Fambros, always appreciated.

The feet would never turn on their masters, they would never bite
the hand that feeds them :wink:


Splund’s pic is my favorite. The carriage looked rushed and the DOF was terrible, but the feet were perfect. And, above all, it was a great idea.

Winner: Splund with 77% of the votes



… and a very deserving victory to! Great job, Splund! A pity I only saw this topic now, as we just learnt about Chinese foot-binding in Social Studies…

Yes the carriage was rushed, I just ran out of time with
work commitments. My first attempt at modelling grass and
I think it came out well, then I go and ruin it with a half heart
attempt at DOF.
Thanks for all the votes and comments, hope you enjoy
the next theme.