Challenge #216 (12/01/06) CLOSED

Theme #216 for 1 December 2006 is: Batteries not included

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 4 December 2006.

Well, going to have a go at this.


EDIT: What? wait a sec? Closed?

The finished stuff.
Batteries not included

just something quick


Why does it say CLOSED?!

Just wondering…

CLOSED??? How strange. If it opens again, I may do something, we’ll see.

Sorry about the “closed”, I just didn’t type in the thread title correctly.


that proves it… humans are erratic! even theeth!

(placeholder - Lame Idea Warning :D)

Im in :smiley: Placeholder

Here it is.

Blender + a little Gimp.

His new brought “Big blaster” did’t work without batteries. He first realised when he had taken his “big blaster” out to shoot his worst enemie, Pinkie (dah dah dah daaaah) :smiley: :smiley:

Here is my pure entry.

Imagine the docter’s suprise when have to install a pacemaker only to discover that when they open the box … batteries is not inculed

Johnny couldn’t wait to try his new x-ray glasses, but you can see his disappointment when he realised that he needed 200 AA batteries to use them.

this is a pure entry

Here is my “cat” recharging after a long day.


should’t this contest be closed today?

my entry:

batteries not included you must use your legs!