Challenge #219 (12/22/06) CLOSED

Theme #219 for 22 December 2006 is: Christmas

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 25 December 2006.

The obligatory Holiday edition. :slight_smile:

Hmmmm. I have an idea. I’m just not sure I’ll be able to pull it off.

Edit: Ok, here it is. It’s not very good at all, but anyway.


Pure. No Gimp, no postpro, nuthin’ but Blender

Catsmass! Inspired by Valarking’s cat thread.

ooh, can I use a piece I made on thursday?
here’s the link :
(yay! my first w c!)

Usually, it’d be an open entry because it was made before the challenge started, but it’s Christmas… :slight_smile:


You better watch out.
You better not cry!


First entry and first time I made a scene since 4months or so.
So I saw this thing at a christmas tree from cans so I reproduced it.
But I forgot to make a decent scene before makin the tree and my pc started to act up after 5.500.000 verts so no decend scene nor materials just a tree. And didn’t use array cuzz I don’t understand it yet.
Rendered with Yafray a wee bit of post work in Photoshop (just the top of the background).

Pretty new to all this - just starting something so a placeholder for me…

Where do I send the xmas bribe to? lol

edited: Unable to compete

Ok for those of us not under the christian persuasion…the book is the Qur’an and the symbols in the back are Dharma Wheels (for our Buddhist friends).


this is my entry… It’s not christmas yet for him but he’s already there in his dreams.

Right, my placeholder. I’m going… New Zealand theme. That’s right, sand and sun, guys, 'coz we don’t have no Christmas Snow!

Edit: Oh Darn. Much to my regret, I have not enough time to complete an image. I was so hoping to finish one :frowning:

Here’s my try at the christmas theme, called “Christmas of the Elves”. It’s a pure entry,consisting of 100% blendering-goodness.

After slaving away for months building toys the christmas eve is finally here. The elves pause for a moment, sigh in relief… and then get hammered. The scene is later from that night, when most of the elves have managed to get to bed, however, few of them didn’t quite make it.


Pure entry. Took about 5 hours.

I thought lets join in, dont really now what the rules are but its made an animated in blender en i used premiere pro for compositing and sound and text overlays.

I didnt really name it anything so ill call it “Christmas wishes”

Happy holidays

HaHa, that’s a cool animation, although I think this is for still images only.

Thats why I said, I dont know the rules:P

Thanks for you comment:P


nicodemus: you could enter it in the current round of the animation challenge (which I doubt anyone will enter considering the time of the year)