Challenge #23 Entries (01/11/02) CLOSED

(theeth) #1

Theme #23 for 24 October 2002 is: CROSSBREED

“it could me a creature like a flaminco elephant or u could cross to objects like a toster TV as long as its at least 2 things crossed.”

Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 4 november 2002.

Good Luck!

(steve343) #2

why does it say entries are closed already!!!

haha and now its open again this is my placeholder! 8)

but i cant win cos i picked the topic :frowning:

heres mine

([email protected]) #3

lol man that was a damn quick WC :smiley:

(Unreality) #4
Hmmm. well it`s crossing of bird and Gene manipulated elephant, and it is PURE

(BgDM) #5

OK. Here is mine. No more time to work on it. I have to pack my house before I move in 3 weeks :o I did not get to finish a scene that I wanted to do. So maybe at another time.

I call it “Protest of the S&#T for Brains”

Good luck all.


(IanC) #6

This is my entry!
its a man-rocket

It is a ‘pure’ entry and was made Sunday morning.
It took about 1/2 hour to make and 1 min to render with Mblur, OSA and 16 samples.

(SGT Squeaks) #7

well I wasn’t planning on doing a challenge this weekend but I decided to anyways. My entry is a cross between a frog and a man. It’s not that weird but I just wanted to make a frogman.

I know that everyone hates open entry’s but once again my entry is open. It was modeled in wings and textured and rendered in blender.

(LohnS) #8

hmm, i might have a go, since theres stil 8 hours left until entries are due and i need a break from Tropal.



(asdf_46) #9

This is a cross of a webcam, speaker, microphon, and some little wire things I found laying around. 100%PURE -John Harris

(basse) #10

my LASTMINUTE entry…
heh. blenderheads, strange breed? I think they are.

modelled just now, from scratch, pure blender 2.22…