Challenge #256 (09/21/07) CLOSED

Theme #256 for 21 September 2007 is: Freedom

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 24 September 2007.


Great theme RobertT

I’ll see if I’ve got the time…

EDIT: Nope, Don’t have the time, Although I had A great idea…


“Freedom from death and the Devil”

Lots of symbolism that I’m not going to explain, I’ll let you interpret it.
Pure blender 2.45 SVN build. :smiley:

Pure entry.
Interpret as you wish… somehow I think the spinning sunlit blades of a radiometer represent freedom… :cool:


Pure entry / Blender internal

possible placeholder

“The Final Freedom”

well, I figured its about time i entered one of these… and when i read the topic for this week, i was feeling inspired (and bored) so i made this real quick. forgive the lowpolyness.

direct link

Pure entry: “Hard won freedom”

This is my first entry. :smiley:
Hope you like it.

Blender + Indigo + Gimp

“blender gives us freedom, the freedom to create freely.”

Took a couple hours to render this.
OSA 16
AO-16 samples-bias .15
Pure 2.45

The dangers of leaving science projects out at night…

My first weekend challenge entry! I had to come up with this in a matter of a few hours when I saw the deadline was tomorrow, but it turned out pretty awesome and I forced myself to learn a little in the process ;). Anyways…

The Star-Spangled Banner
I consider this a Pure Entry:
Flag color map and “dust and scratches” texture were done in GIMP.
Background is my own photo.
Modeled in Blender.
Effects added with compositing nodes.
Rendered with Blender Internal.


Is there a reason people post a lot of small pictures? It makes it hard to see anything.

Me546: Oh! hehe… those are thumbnails, click on them and they will give you the large/original version. These save your bandwidth and the page will load faster. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

I tried clicking on yours but nothing happend. I think i am missing something obvious…

never mind. I just deleted the “.th” in the url