Challenge #258 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Sweet Dreams

Pure Entries

YAY! Penguins on a tower!

RoberT gets my nod. In a class of its own!

RobertT has reached a very interesting status for me. His style is vivid, detailed, well-executed, carefully constructed, well-balanced and almost completely bland work, with the notable personality the style DOES have slowly being stretched thinner and thinner over the ever-increasing number of eerily similar pieces.

I voted for ILikeToSayBlah. His piece sparked enough interest to for me to look at it a second time. Then I laughed. He also didn’t say ‘pure blender’ as if limiting yourself to blender a was ‘pure’ and noble achievement instead of what it really is, which is more often than not just appealing to elitism.

I refrain from voting since technically and visiually speaking I find RobertT awesome as usual. But as BlackBoe states the style and the composition is too familiar. It looks like he recycled one of his other works for this challenge (not ment as an insult RobertT). It doesn’t stick out it doesn’t bring anything new. You look at it and you say Seen it, nice go on.
RoberT to me it looks like you have an industry going there. Ever considered selling your pictures to publishers for calendars, postcards etc…

At the same time I don’t really feel it is fair to vote for some one else since they are not quite where RobertT is but then again who is??

unfortunately i agree with my tow preposters musk and BlackBoe, but RoberT 's Style is unique in our community as far as I know the works, so he should get his credits and should be voted for.
What i would be really interested for is how he gets his pics look so like they do ? (probably a topic for some other thread …)

Blackboe: About your “‘pure blender’ as if limiting yourself to blender a was ‘pure’ and noble achievement instead of what it really is” remark: it is actually part of the Weekend Challenge rules to classify an entry as pure or open. I do submit open entries as well at times, as Theeth can tell you, and voluntarily non-participating ones. Some will also remember I was one who, in the Traditional Art forum here, advocated post-processing techniques in renders in external software and had (still have?) my own sticky thread there dedicated just to that topic. BgDM can affirm that. Just wanted to clarify those points =)

Everyone else:

Thank you very much to those who appreciate my work. Your encouragement is much needed and appreciated.

Please be assured, this image was significant to me, new in terms of the specific thoughts that inspired it and the way I approached it technically, emotionally daring even at certain points in my mind, but I know none of that really matters to the outside world: there are just the pixels and patterns they form in the end =) We make of them what we can.

I do know I pour my heart and soul into every piece. What I create brings me joy, or new seriousness, excitement, new questions or answers to things I think about. I have to say I’m feeling more inspired than ever! But I’m also honest with myself: I know I definitely have much more to learn and master.

I am not a great artist. I am not the best, and I do not want to be the best. I just want to be good and have fun. I am not in this for fortune or fame. I just want to explore some admittedly quirky ideas I have, try different styles and ideas, and get better at expressing things whenever I can.

Just know I try, I try very hard, and I am dedicated to keep learning and trying =)


I’m sorry if that’s the meaning you’re getting from the “pure Blender” label.

As I see it, the “pure” category is there to encourage people to push Blender to its limit and beyond, first and foremost because it’s a challenge not only for the artists (although they play a big part :)) but also for the application.

If you have a suggestion for a better classification or just suggestions on how to make the WC better, please, you just have to tell them.


I must disagree with what seems to be the majority and say, sweet dreams = food/candy… :D:D:D

I did just notice that pure vs. open thing, actually, so my apologies over that. People tend to do it outside of the challenges too, especially people who aren’t very good at it, so my point still stands. Albeit it stands on one foot now.

Maybe I care about blender less as a symbol of open source freedom and more as a pretty fine working tool. It’s just that I see people make terrible pictures and say ‘I only used blender, nothing else’ very proudly and I think ‘well maybe you should’ve’.

EDIT: Deleted Reply to RobertT because of looming futilty in-so-far as I have never observed him listening to anyone ever.

BlackBoe, I am sorry you feel that way.

I don’t know what is going on here, but I will only say my gratitude to all the constructive feedback and helpful suggestions I have received and acted upon over the years is well documented in this forum.

Here is a good example, a thread appropriately enough named

A Dream of Love’s Awakening (UPDATED; good example
of betterment through feedback)

But don’t just take my word for it: many, including the elder Blenderheads here, know it well and can tell you themselves, as they were the ones who helped me the most and encouraged me forward, foremost BgDM.

BgDM can tell you.


I liked RobertT’s image. It did remind me a bit of a former work (the one with the happy/sad faces); but the materials etc. in this work looked great.

Another nice entry Robert, i also like Rebogeys idea, i mean come on, penguins in a tower, thats a winning strategy if everi saw one, right?

Poor Blackboe, he gets a bit miffed when he thinks someone doesn’t listen to him, CD, anyone?

wow, i didnt really expect my image to generate much intrest at all, but thanks to those who voted for me!

Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I realize that it may not be the best render, or stretch blender new capability’s, which improve on a daily basis. Also I don’t wish to out do new user/entrants to the WC. For me I enjoy the play on words, humorous if possible, in this case also a serious side as well. Unfortunately with other commitments I was only able to spend a couple of hours this time and still managed to enter a little late.
I intended the picture to be a continuation from a previous entry featuring SP4 Woody.
There is a post in the “other media” section on how I started to use penguins in some of my pictures, in fact after watching a group of penguins in a zoo, mesmerized by a reflected light, heads turning back and forth on the TV.
Since then I have been anthropomorphizing then. But not as well as some.
Anyway luckily in this case, its not the winning, but the taking part.
good stuff everyone. See you soon,

ps Fridge nesting boxes, and oil rigs.

Winner: RobertT with 46% of the votes