Challenge #259 (10/19/07) CLOSED

Theme #259 for 19 Octobre 2007 is: Scarecrow

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 22 Octobre 2007.

Plausible placeholder.

And btw theeth, October has a typo. Just thought I would let ya know. :wink:

Maybe me too? who knows.

BTW if you look, theeth is from Montreal. So it’s Octobre :wink:

EDIT: I had a little bit of extra time this weekend, not too much though :-

An experimental impressionist sort of thing:
Pure blender.

That took more nodes than you’d think!:eek:

thats funny actually, i as workin on somthing like this anyway

“it is chained up and abandoned there for a reason”…


here is my entry


BTW if you look, theeth is from Montreal. So it’s Octobre

Oh. Hehe, :o


possible placeholder

hmm slight chance of a placeholder

space scolder

I trying to do one, but Im not sure if I will complete it in time.


ps yeah right

SP5 and Friend

My Entry^^
Title: “The Scarecrow In The Gras”
“… a long time ago Lord Cedric was beheaded by a brave man whose family is still dignified today. Besides stopping the war, the killing had a very useful secondary effect…at least the farmers claim that until today…”

Pure Blender, gras was maid by using a whole lot of particles, the clothes by using soft body. using first time this feature for a contest. in addition i ve tried the compositor.
Great stuff !!

PS: How can i manage to attach a file to a post i have already made? i did not find any button when editing it …sry for asking …:frowning:


just need a few minutes

Here it is, not my best in the least. I was really pushed for time, just trying to get the entry in.


Fears proved to be unfounded, for the Frighteners of the Fields were nothing more than lights and wires. And so, one by one, the crows felt free again to spread their rusty wings and reclaim the sky once believed to be forever lost.

Non-participating entry.


blenditall got my vote, but RobertT was good.
Hope to get more time to spend on this weeks.

Cheers Bogey.